Dear GYLA members,

We are happy to remind you of the amazing opportunities presented to GYLA members as a result of wonderful partnerships between Aiducation and other Organizations; getAbstract and Alison.

Aiducation and getAbstract
getAbstract, the world’s leading provider of compressed knowledge and Aiducation International formed a partnership to enhance digital learning for students from financially underprivileged families in Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania and the Philippines.

getAbstract provided free access for 1’000 members of GYLA for a 3-year student Pro Plan with which you get unlimited access to 20,000+ summaries for your personal & professional development.

For more information about getAbstract check out the following links.

Aiducation and Alison
Over the last one year Aiducation International partnered with the edtech organization Alison, and we are happy to inform you we have received new vouchers for our alumni.
Alson is one of the biggest free human capital management platforms, with 15 million members and 1'500+ online courses. Alison is offering free online courses, however if you want to download a certificate or diploma, you need to pay a fee. Alison has agreed to give Aiducation International 2'000 vouchers for diplomas or certificates.
For more information check out the link: Alison | Free Online Courses & Online Learning

Please write an e-mail to  to receive a voucher for a free download of your certificate/diploma on alison and/or to get a code for your  3-year student Pro Plan with which you get unlimited access to the online-library of getAbstracts.

Knowledge is power!! Let's grab these opportunities

Boniface Mahulo - GYLA Product Coordinator


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