Simon works for an Investment Bank in Switzerland.  He has been lucky enough to live and work across the globe and was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Aiducation and Faith.  Here is what he has to say about the e-Mentoring Program and his relationship with Faith in particular.


I first came to know about Aiducation through the partnership that was established between them and our outstanding Community Affairs team.  I am very active in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion space at my firm and whilst initially asked to look to promote the partnership internally, it seemed too good an opportunity to not get involved personally.  Whilst I have experience in the mentor/mentee relationship space, one is always nervous whether one has the skills to make an impact – I just thought what better way to find out than to just dive in.


And I have to say it’s been such an immensely rewarding experience as Faith has been an inspiration to me.  To hear her story, her resilience, her obvious intelligence and easy charm, it has been impossible not to feel invested and to care passionately about her future.


Faith is at the start of her journey and much of the value that I have been able to bring has been in listening and working with her to make her appreciate just quite how extraordinary she is. 

Sometimes we place limits on ourselves by not realising what possibilities are out there; we focus on what we can’t do as opposed to leveraging what we already excel at.

By holding up a mirror to Faith and playing back what I hear from her, it is helping her to appreciate how unique and special she is.


I have absolute confidence that if Faith retains the determination she has proven thus far in life, she will succeed in whatever she chooses to do.


I must also say that what has pleasantly surprised me is just how similar we are: we spend the first hour of our conversations focused on a particular subject we want to review, then the final 30 minutes on any subject we feel we want to discuss. 

They have been immensely rich conversations for me personally and if I have any concerns about the program, it is that I get more out of it than Faith does!


Thank you to Aiducation for the opportunity and support in setting up a friendship that will far outlast any formal programme.


Written by Simon, Mentor

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