Dear GYLA members,

We are very excited to announce our 2021 Culture Challenge winners. The challenge was focussing on apreciating our cultural diversity. In total, we had eight amazing projects handed in. Each project was evaluated by two coordinators from a different country than the author. The winner was determined from the number of likes and comments one recieved on their projects within the platform and the points awarded by the evaluation committee.

The evaluation committee for this challenge were:

Katrinna Nabor - National Coordinator, Philippine

Anastasia Kulah - National Coordinator, Ghana

Micah Nyamwega - GYLA Founder, Kenya

Clifford Adumbire - GYLA Founder, Ghana

Aaron John - GYLA Founder, Philippines

Magero Faith - GYLA Founder, Kenya

Odida Julius - GYLA Founder, Uganda

Richard Mensah - GYLA Founder, Ghana

Ali Issah - GYLA Founder, Ghana 

Special thanks to the evaluation commitee for the great efforts and dedication in ensuring that we got a winner for this challenge.

The projects were really great but we had to get the winner eventhough the competition was so close. Therefore, it's an honour to announce Mr David Quayartey, an AiduTalent from Ghana as the winner of the First ever GYLA Culture Challenge competition. He recieved 91 comments plus likes and an average of 18 points out of 21 possible points by the time of determination. Find his award winning video HERE!. For this reason, he has won a token worth the equivalent of 100 USD. 

At position 2 was Ruth Awintanga Adolwine, also an AiduTalent form Ghana who received 81 likes plus comments and an average of 19 points out of 21 possible points. You can find her video presentation HERE! For this reason, she has also won a token worth the equivalent of 50 USD. Congratulations to David and Ruth and all those who participated in this competition for the amazing projects. Special thanks for your time and efforts.

Looking forward to seeing more amazing projects in our next challenge. 

We are also very happy to annouce the month of JUNE as the GYLA Community Culture month which will be celebrated annually! We therefore, invite participation of everyone including Aiducators, Mentors, AiduPartners, AiduFriends, AiduTalents and every GYLA Member.

We appreciate your amazing efforts and motivations in making GYLA an empowering community.

Thank you all.

by Boniface Mahulo - GYLA Global Head

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