Over the last one month, GYLA Kenya Founders team successfully implemented 3 major alumni activities.

It was indeed a month of fun and amazing impact where a majority of our alumni community in Kenya came together and inspired each other along career and life topics.

The events included:

  1. Trivia Night

Trivia Night was mad fun! It was an absolute joy seeing many of our alumni coming together to participate in trivial questions ranging from: general knowledge, sports, entertainment, memes, celebrities, current trends and Aidu-quiz via (a mobile game site), something which hasn’t been possible because of the pandemic and local restrictions. Some were quite lucky to emerge victorious as the difference between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd spot was consistently and relatively small. Others weren't lucky enough; hopefully, there will be a next time. We look forward to having more of such events for our alumni community. We were also very honored to be joined by some of the GYLA members from other chapters


Webinar: Promoting African Identity and Meritocracy Culture

The webinar was very educative and informative. This was made possible by the lively participants who contributed to the topics which were;

1. Mentality and what it really means to be African.

2. Potential challenges Africans encounter.

3. How was the African culture and person affected during the colonial period and how does this continue to play out in our society today?

Some of the key takeaways from the discussion that can be shared included;

  • Change our mentality and embrace the Ubuntu philosophy.
  • Adopt servant leadership
  • Invest in entrepreneurship.

Massive appreciation to everyone who joined especially our guest speaker Mr. Dan Mugera and the moderator Mary Wairimu. Let's keep the discussion lively.


  1. Ngong Hills Hike

The hike started from Ngong Town and ended in Kona Baridi. It kicked off at around 1030hrs East African Time. The weather was super cold! Not forgetting the huge metal fans (I'm one of them hahaha) that were constantly propelling. After trailing our first hill, we left a mark, we left a footprint. Being a community, we planted a tree to commemorate the World Environment Day.

The weather was seemingly fair during the midday. At least my light clothing could suffice. I expected the wind would die down once we got past the turbines but it never did. Refreshments were to be served at Kona Baridi, that motivated us to walk faster. Trekking together as an alumni community installed a sense of belonging. It was a joy to see people converging at stopovers and saving memories for later. It was arguably the best moment during the hike. Of course, I'm going to forget my light clothing but I won't forget the pictures. We finally conquered the 7 hills where we converged and grabbed our refreshments.


Special thanks to GYLA Kenya Founders, our alumni community, Aiducation team and everyone else who contributed in making these events a success. It was a special month and we for sure anticipate more of such.

We are inspired by a great inspirational quote by Mother Teresa, “None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love and together, we can do something Wonderful.”

By Bill Orangi - Blogs and Articles Manager, GYLA Kenya

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