In 2015 Faith received an Aiducation Scholarship. After graduating from High-School she joined the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology to pursue her Bachelor of Commerce. Faith is also one of our Mentees in our e-Mentoring Program. With 18 other students she started in February 2021 this exciting program and tells us today a little bit more about it. Enjoy the read!


It's not every day we get people to guide us, to motivate us, to widen our thinking, to listen to us, to talk to us about their experience which makes us learn from them. And let's just say we're lucky to have technology that helps us connect across devices, work tools and different time zones. And because of that, I'm able to connect with Simon Jones, an amazing human from the other part of the world, who is willing to connect, share and inspire me into becoming the best version of myself.

It's so much easy to pinpoint this mentorship as one of the best things that have happened to me this year.


Being this young person who is yet to figure out which specific direction they intend to go with their life, trying to navigate the undergraduate educational journey and trying to find my feet and where I belong in the corporate world while also trying to figure out my purpose in this world, having a mentor is making it easier.

We hold zoom calls on Friday evenings, every two to three weeks depending on our schedule. We talk about different issues depending on our plan for the day. Simon is kind and compassionate, a good listener, he's passionate about helping me, he creates a safe space that allows me to feel comfortable enough to express myself and share my experiences, He's patient and can be direct enough to bring my blind spots to the surface to be addressed and worked through.


We hold conversations about career opportunities, entrepreneurship and soft skills needed in the corporate world and we're able to relate well since we are both in the field of Business and Finance. We are also able to hold wholesome conversations about our society and the changes we both intend to bring. We both share the same sentiments on equality and inclusivity and it's been such an amazing experience having these conversations.


I'm eternally grateful for this experience, to Maya and the team for setting up such an amazing program, to the selfless mentors who decided to sacrifice their time for this mentorship program.


Written by Faith Magero Kadogo

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