Public High Schools In Ghana Deny Rasta Students Admission

Currently debated in Ghana is the decision of one of the pretigious High Schools in the country to deny dreadlock students who were placed in the school by the government's Computerized School Selection and Placement System.

Two of the rastafarian students were asked by school authorities to cut down their dread in order to be accepted in the school. The students refused citing religious beliefs and were thus denied a place in the school. 

Another who is a traditional priest was also denied admission in another region in Ghana for refusing to remove the 'sacred cap' he wears as a priest of his community. He said removing the cap or hat would have dire consequences for him and his community.

Another Rasta student in a third region also was denied admission for same reasons.

Muslim girls who were also admitted into a Christian missionary school also alleged that the school had asked them not to use their Qu-rans in the school. Muslim girls are not permitted to wear hijabs in most public High Schools.

The Education Ministry which earlier directed the first school to admit the two rasta students has backtracked on its decision.

DISCUSSION: Let's discuss.

What are the things in your country that are also denying children their right to education?

Has your country faced something similar to what is currently happening in Ghana?

If yes, how did the authorities, parents and communities manage the situation(s)? 

What are your views on the Ghana happenings?

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