Marc Philippe’s Reflections on the e-Mentoring Program

While the Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it countless difficulties, it has forced many organizations to embrace and leverage the strengths of technology. A great example of this is Aiducation’s e-Mentorship program. In a time where in-person workshops and meetings are not possible, the e-Mentorship program offers a great solution that enables both the mentees, and mentors, to take advantage of technology. Despite the circumstances, the online sessions allow the mentors to pass on invaluable information and knowledge to their mentees, thereby hopefully shaping the mentees personal and professional development.


The team at Aiducation (Maya, Mohamed and Patricia) has done a great job in setting up the curriculum, finding well-fitting mentor/mentee pairs and providing a library of information that the mentors can rely upon. More importantly, through feedback sessions, they are adamant on continuously improving the experience for everyone involved. The program is a great blueprint for a scalable solution that enables mentors to share their experience and knowledge with intelligent and eager individuals who are willing to learn. I strongly hope that Aiducation will be able to extend the scope and size of the project in the future, benefiting a greater number of mentees, and mentors, alike.


Much like Salim, I was initially also hesitant to join the mentorship program. Given that I am still in the process of finishing my own education, I was not entirely sure how much value I would have as a mentor. However, conducting the sessions and reading the feedback has showed me that the initial concerns were unfounded. The fact that Salim and I are relatively close age-wise has allowed us to communicate effectively and openly. As I have recently gone through some of the topics that we discuss in our meetings, I can rely on my own personal experiences to help guide Salim through the material that he wants to cover and towards achieving his goals.


It is also great to see the personal growth on his part, from a quiet, reserved and short first session to the engaging and productive meetings we have now. He is a dedicated and intelligent individual that takes the material we discuss seriously, proactively looks to schedule sessions and take advantage of the program to continue to develop as an individual and professional.


Although the program is first and foremost aimed at the mentees, it is also a great experience and learning opportunity for the mentors themselves. As a mentor, you have the chance to use your previous experiences and knowledge in a very impactful way, passing it on to individuals who might not have access to such information. By preparing the sessions, and reading the information provided by Aiducation, I have been able to reflect about my own development, while implementing some of these changes to my life. As such, it is beneficial to everyone involved. Most importantly, however, it is fantastic to see the impact that I can have on a young, talented and driven individual like Salim, and would recommend it to anybody that has the opportunity.


Marc-Philippe Frey, Mentor

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