Salim Khamis's Reflections on The E-Mentoring Program

Ever heard of the Mahatma-Mandela duo? Here’s what, this wasn’t an ordinary duo. It’s among the most famous mentor-protégé relationships. Yeah, I know, the two never met, blah blah blah. But my fellow historians know well how Gandhi influenced Mandela in his political life and peaceful lifestyle. Mandela was greatly influenced by Gandhi’s writings and all, so, mentorship stands.

I wasn’t a great fan of mentorship programs to begin with, but now, as we say, people change, stuff changes. Time’s the best influencer, they say. Am not giving time any credit for today. The only one befitted for the credit is my guy, MARC PHILIPPE FREY. My one and only mentor. Am really honored to be his protégé and would proudly talk about him no matter where I am.

I would like to say that the liking I developed for him is mainly because of belonging to the same age bracket but no, that’s not the case. The guy’s just cool and an easy-to-go-to kind of a man. I mean, he just makes my experience in mentorship program a walk in the park.

As I mentioned earlier, I was never into mentoring and all. The first time I heard of the program I was kind of pissed and all-drained. I mean, why should I do something I hate with my guts? But then, trying never killed a man. So, bring it on.

Guess what, I realized what a fool I’d been all along. That too on my first interaction with my mentor. I couldn’t bring myself to have a decent conversation with the guy. I was like, totally frozen, nothing to say, brain on vacation. In short, all my ‘confidence’ down the gutter. I wasn’t accustomed to face-to-face conversations with strangers and I never knew that. Anyway, am now the guy, no matter who my audience is going to be, I won’t shun anymore, I will address them, with all due respect. I could be the next Barack.

I get to learn a lot while in the program, with an understanding mentor as my brother Marc, its gains all the way. #GAINWITHMARC. From trivials like personal etiquettes to major life changing attributes life time management and proper scheduling, am learning and always will. Having a mentor who puts your schedule into consideration is just wow. Happy go lucky.

For the phenomenal advantage of the decade, in a country where Whatsapp is the most common way to video call, when was I ever going to start having Skype conversations? E-mentoring is just something else. This is not something am taking lightly. My friends even wonder what Skype is doing in my laptop, but I know, don’t I? Am the goat among the sheep, no pun intended.

If I ever grow up to achieve Khulu Mandela’s feats, now you all know who Mahatma of our time is going to be.

Salim Khamis, AiduTalent-Kenya

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