Dear GYLA members,

We are very excited to announce our GYLA New Decade Challenge 3 winner. The challenge was focussing on proposals  we can suggest to further improve on our country's current technology. In total, we had six amazing projects handed in. Each project was evaluated by two coordinators from a different country than the author.

The evaluation committee for this challenge were:

Katrinna Nabor - National Coordinator, Philippine

Mercy Murigi - National Coordinator, Kenya

Joseph Nuwasiima - Opportunity sharer, Uganda

Bill Orangi - Blogs Manager, Kenya

Kelvin Mbai - Nairobi Chapter Manager, Kenya

Sylivia Namjjuzi - National Coordinator, Uganda

Ann Kristel - Forums manager, Philippine

Special thanks to the evaluation commitee for the great efforts and dedication in ensuring that we got a winner for this challenge.

The projects were really great but we had to get the winner eventhough the competiotion was so close. Therefore, it's an honour to announce Mr David Quayartey, an AiduTalent from Ghana as the winner of GYLA New Decade Challenge 3 competition. He did an amazing essay on the proposals he could suggest to further improve on his country's(Ghana) current technology. More specifically, how these proposals can make his community transaction/interaction better adapt with the new norm. For this reason, he has won a book voucher worth the equivalent of 100 USD. Congratulations to David and all those who participated in this competition for the amazing projects. Special thanks for your time and efforts.

Looking forward to seeing more amazing projects in our next challenge. 

We appreciate your amazing efforts and motivations in making GYLA an empowering family.

Thank you all.

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