Planning to attend a Corporate Career Academy(CCA) but have doubts on how to go about it? What’s making you nervous?
Meeting new people? The sessions? Or the experience?

If you are having either of the above questions and are still indecisive, I have a couple of nuggets that may perhaps be helpful to you.

  • Diversity – Just like any other organization, people in Aiducation are diverse, all you need to do is find your niche and move along. Whereas it may be hard to click on the go in some academies, moreso if it is your first academy, I would like you to know this, there have been/will always be academies with awesome people. Make a point to attend one and I will be here to receive those positive feedbacks.
  • Sessions – Before I go further, I have a soft spot for CCA academies. If you love working in a corporate sector, CCA is the best academy you’ll ever experience. The sessions may be engaging but are a 360° life changing in matters careers. CCA opened opportunities for me that I can never trade for a dime. The LinkedIn profiles, Curriculum vitae and resume writing skills are top tier skills that anyone who has attended the academy can testify. The interview skills have sharpened us and ensure when you leave the academy, you have mastered the art of knowing the interviews you have aced and have not(it may take a while) All you need in any CCA academy is keenness and an open mind, that is it.
  • Week life experience – Most of the academies that I have attended have been held at Gracia Gardens. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give the place an 8, which is totally fine. Gracia is the best place for chilling, the experience will be good I can assure you. The accommodation and food are epic.

To crown it all, these sessions are great!!! I hope i have made you to consider attending the next Corporate Career Academy if you haven't attended one.


See you then.

Written by Loice Moraa, Kenyan AiduTalent

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