Josephine Namayi's insight into the Swiss Re Startup Academy 2020


 Q: Do you see yourself embarking on an entrepreneurial journey? If so, did this academy be of help? 
I definitely see myself embarking on this journey, though I'm still unsure about what business I would want to start. The academy was of immense help. Initially, I didn't have an interest in business since I thought I lacked convincing skills. The academy has equipped me with many business skills, and I feel ready for such a path.

 Q: What were your expectations coming to this academy? Were those expectations met? 
I expected to learn more about businesses. This expectation was more than met. Having lacked a background in business, this academy formed a very solid foundation.

 Q: What sessions had the most value to you? 
The session that had the most value to me was marketing and finances. Learning how to manage money is an important skill since businesses depend 100% on finances and their management. Marketing also determines the success of your business greatly. How you sell your ideas to people and how you convince them to buy your product matters. It was amazing seeing how people strived to market their ideas during our final presentations. Their determination and intent to get their products out there was evident.

 Q: Being your first virtual academy, what was your experience like? 
: My experience from the virtual academy was mind-blowing. Seeing all those people from different parts of the world, miles apart and in one meeting was amazing. I would definitely want to be a part of more of the same.

 Q: Did you enjoy the one-on-one mentoring with a Swiss Re mentor? How impactful was it to you? Can you imagine to continue this mentoring relationship even after the academy? 
One on one mentoring was an opportunity for me to open up about my life as I learnt from someone with experience who was also willing to share. An opportunity to see life from their perspective and be able to learn from their mistakes to help me in making good decisions for myself. Learning from a Swiss re mentor who is already accomplished in fields I am interested in was an honour. I envision myself being part of this in the future and mentoring young girls as well.

Q: Would you recommend this academy to a fellow AiduAlumni? 
I would definitely recommend this academy to all of the Aidualumni's and to every youth that can be accommodated. They all need to be well equipped with these skills to enable them to navigate the scarce job market.

 Q: How can GYLA contribute to your entrepreneurial growth? 
GYLA can contribute to my growth by providing a platform for me to market my business. Also through the job and internship opportunities they offer, I will have a chance to gain exposure, where I will be able to learn more about businesses and its management. Aside from that, I can have access to skilled personnel when I'll need for my company.

 Written by Namayi Josephine, edited by Bill Orangi.


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