Sep 14, 2020


Dear GYLA Members,

We take this opportunity to thank you all for attending our second GYLA Live Webinar on the topic: Preparing for the Corporate World which had over 70 participants.

For those who missed it, kindly find below the Video recording of the Webinar and reflections from the participants.

To get the full video recording click HERE



“So as someone who is really looking forward to the 'real world', the webinar conducted by GYLA was indeed helpful. The insights and tips on preparing for interviews and job searches came directly from the employers, so I must say I could really rely on them. What struck me the most in the said seminar is how we should answer the question 'What makes you different?', which is honestly a great idea for someone who is still unsure on how to brand himself considering the skills they have might be also the same skills people have. What makes me grateful also is some speakers even endorsed their LinkedIn accounts to connect with us in case that we will have questions in the future. All in all, I would not mind if there will be another opportunity like this.”

- Dorothee Joy S. Lucero

2nd Year, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management

Polytechnic University of the Philippines


* * *

"The whole webinar was good. I really enjoyed the webinar especially where the facilitators were giving insights on CV format, how best one can package him/herself for the job market among other many topics. In all, I did get invaluable insights and learnings from this webinar. The facilitators were all experienced and took control over the topic"

- Anastasia Kulah, Ghanaian GYLA Coordinator



“I still have two more years in college. As early as now, I think it is better to prepare myself for the corporate world. I am glad that GYLA invited us to this webinar, and I took the opportunity to join. I learned a lot that I can use now, especially that I will be having my practicum this academic year. I am applying the things that I learned from the webinar - from doing CV up to being a part of a company. I am now more confident and excited about what my future holds, thanks to GYLA.”

- Nicolle Katryn Tabancura

3rd Year, Bachelor of Science in Statistics

University of the Philippines – Los Baños


* * *

“At first, I was a bit hesitant to attend this webinar knowing that there are still years to come before I face the corporate world. However, I did not regret that I attended it because the insights and advice from the speakers were helpful! Even though I am still a student, the questions and answers can still be applied in our college journey. I love how having a personal vision and values were emphasized as one of the important factors in facing the corporate world: such as for looking for a company to apply in, the interviews, and the overall career journey.  Learning that having to know ourselves is crucial for our career, it boosts me to explore more of my college journey to determine my interests, strengths, weaknesses, values, and purpose.”

- Anne Kristel T. Mangarin

1st Year, Bachelor of Science in Management with Applied Chemistry

Ateneo de Manila University

* * *

"Generally the webinar went so well and most people should have benefited greatly.

Experience and Key learning.

1. Self branding, in a sense that one needs to uniquely identiy them selves now before joining the world of work.

2. Work experience. One needs to acquire experience before joining any formal employment this can be through practicums/ internships and apprenticeship.

3. Apply for jobs always through your networks and even with out networks just apply and when you are rejected continue to apply until you land on your job.
4. Have a goal in life, it's important to know what you want, and where you want to be before you are actually there and then focus on achieving that goal.

5. Key questions in an interview and how they can be responded to.
6. Last but not the least is what needs to be included a CV."

- Sylvia Namujjuzi, Uganda GYLA Coordinator


“To attend such a webinar was a bit odd for most freshman students out there because this may not be the top priority coming to the new mode of learning. However, this may have been the shallow part of thinking, as the said webinar offered insightful tips about the general scenarios in the workplace. This would surely be a good review from those students who think of their future as early as now. Personally, I learned how to be crafty in formulating answers and preparations for acing the job interview. Even though their advice originated from different contexts and countries, I think they were able to give rule-of-thumb answers that will be beneficial in the competitive world of 21st-century learners.”

- Aaron John F. Duque

1st Year, Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics with Specialization in Mathematical Finance

Ateneo de Manila University


* * *

“The GYLA Webinar: Preparing for the Corporate World is the second webinar I attended, hosted and organized by GYLA. Of course, I have learned a lot in this differently themed webinar. Insightful! Different strategies that seem to be confidential tactics were shared, thus giving me an edge in future employability. I am also taking a degree related to the topic (BSBA Human Resource Management) as much as this webinar also gave me a testament of my future workplace. These strategies and ideas will help me as a future applicant by making me a more efficient applicant to the HR world. I also wish that succeeding GYLA webinars can be more interactive in the way that both participants and speakers interact and see one another."

- Robert Jules A. Yogore

2nd Year, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Human Resource Management

Polytechnic University of the Philippines

We are looking forward to seeing many of you attending our next Webinars.

Compiled by Maria Katrinna Nabor and Boniface Mahulo

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