Dear GYLA Members,

Today, I am happy to announce our winners for the Young Leaders Varsity Grant for the year 2020.

A total of 32 applications were receieved from Philippines, Kenya and Tanzania. Out of these applications, 15 made it to the evaluation stage.

Special thanks to the evaluation team for your amazing efforts and commitments throughout this process.

The following individuals assisted with the evaluation process.

  • Maria Katrinna Nabor - Philippines National Coordinator
  • Bill Orangi - GYLA Founder, Kenya
  • Sylivia Namujjuzi - Uganda National Coordinator
  • Kulah Anastatia - Ghana National Coordinator
  • Joseph Nuwasiima - GYLA Founder, Uganda
  • Maddie Kelly - Alumni Coordinar, St Jude - Tanzania
  • Clifford Adumbire - GYLA Founder, Ghana

After successful evaluation process, the applications from Aaron John F. Duque and Elgene Bermudez from the Philippine chapter emerged the winners of our 2020 GYLA Young Leaders Varsity. 

Special congratulations to Mr Aaron and Elgene. We wish you all the very best in your studies.

By Boniface Mahulo - GYLA President

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