Big Thank You to our GYLA Kenya Founders 2019/2020!

Note by Aiducation International Kenya

Early September 2019, Aiducation Kenya rounded a team of young motivated AiduAlumni to take custodian of the GYLA community and its activities in Kenya. This team of passionate volunteers led by Mercy Murigi and Boniface Mahulo has steered GYLA operations for the last year including curating content like blogs & articles, managing the community membership, organizing online and physical events apart from supporting the local operations of the Aiducation Kenya chapter in a profound way.

The team and leadership in the Aiducation Kenya office would like to say big thanks to this cohort of GYLA Founders that have made all these remarkable milestones in the growth of the AiduAlumni community activities in the Kenya Chapter. Over the past few weeks in the month of July, this same team has refined the roles for a new cohort of volunteers that will drive the operations of the community through 2020/2021. All AiduAlumni in Kenya (including former GYLA Founders) are invited to apply to contribute in any of the listed roles up for vacancy within the Jobs Board at GYLA.

Please apply with a motivation letter expressing your intention to volunteer in the specific role. We do not require a CV. Also, find more information on role descriptions within the specific vacancies in the GYLA Jobs Board and the contact email to forward your motivation letter. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further steps at the end of the application period.

Open vacancies: (applications are open from 12th Aug to 28th Aug 2020)
1. GYLA Kenya National Coordinator
2. GYLA Kenya Nairobi Region Coordinator
3. GYLA Kenya Western Region Coordinator 
4. GYLA Kenya Coast Region Coordinator
5. GYLA Kenya Jobs Board Coordinator
6. GYLA Kenya Live Feed Coordinator
7. GYLA Kenya Blogs & Articles Coordinator

Note by Mercy Murigi (GYLA National Coordinator 2019/2020)

"It has been one remarkable year for the Kenyan team managing GYLA operations and activities. When we embarked on this journey, we felt young and feared that we were naive at many things. However, with team work and continuous support from Aiducation, we are coming out one year later having learned so much and especially having experienced what it takes to organize a community in the digital space. We would like to say thank you to the Aiducation Kenya CEO, George Jilani, and the Aiducation International GYLA Project Lead, Alexandra Spaelti for always believing in us and in our potential to contribute!

During our service period, we appreciated at depth many lessons on the spirit of volunteering, good communicaton skils, team work and the role of mentorship. We were able to reach many set goals with minimal supervision including organizing both online and offline workshops for our community members in Kenya, a highlight being a physical meeting co-run with a local partner in Nairobi where more than 60 AiduAlumni attended. We passed our target of 700+ members on GYLA during our term and are also excited that many active and engaging content posts were uploaded to GYLA by our team members.

We are really grateful for this volunteering opportunity and wish the very best for the new team launching from September 2020!

I would like to say special thanks to my team of GYLA Founders 2019/2020 for your dedication and committment to build our community through many acts of passionate volunteering.  I wish you lots of sucess in your future endevours and may the the light always guide you through. You were a great team to work with! Please help me tag them all below"

Written by Mercy Murigi and George Jilani

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