Did you miss the GYLA Webinar ?

Yes or No , we got you covered. Feedback from most of those who didn't attend,came late or didn't complete the Webinar argue that the timing was a a bad one being a working Friday .This matter has been discussed and next time we will do better. Nevertheless, today I bring you in sights from the recently concluded Webinar.

The Webinar was hosted on Zoom by the GYLA President Boniface  moderated by the one  Wairimu Mwangi under the topics Mental Health and Coping with Adversity In connection with Covid-19.

To begin with are some of the ways you can handle the lockdown. Ludwig Andrione stresses that working from home being inevitable , you might think about the following 

> Doing little things. There are quite small things you can do during this time. Not really big things that will give you a hard time. You could actually as well take small and achievable steps towards some of your earlier set goals. 

>Change Goals Slightly. Whereas you might not want to give up. It is also important that you change goals accordingly. 

> Prioritize on your to do List. What's most Important . You might as well think about making a timetable to manage you and remind you. 

> Lower tension. Consider techniques that can help you lower your tension. He gave a couple of techniques on breathing in and out several times to lower your tension 

Talking about the tragedy of losing a job with in this Pandemic. A theory a explained using graphical interpretation. It shows how by nature humans have the capacity to run cope out of it just like any other problem. It is most important that you get to think about what to do next after losing the job rather than focusing on the loss. 

Further more, one of the Speakers Akinyi highlighted on how she has managed to cope. She pointed out  Positivity. Much as there's quite a lot of fear, we need to stay positive. She also said the Pandemic has been a path to some opportunities. Talking about how she managed to achieve engagements with the government as the Chairperson Kenya Fashion Council to help her fellows, meeting Young ones and doing mentorship. She says it is also key that we might also seek to find opportunities in this outbreak. 

How about calling or sharing with a friend. You might be having a rough time in your business or anything. You can consider calling a friend in the same business or Industry and hear from them. How are they coping with the situation? How have they challenged the bottlenecks. Borrow a leaf here. On that regard it was further revealed that for any business, you must highlight the changes that have happened. Knowing these changes will help you to plan on Management of your costs.

Karen Mwakilenge,one of the volunteers on the frontline shared her experience on giving out masks with members at her local Church. She said the Pandemic has given her ample time to explore her hobbies, to bond with her family and having more time to talk to them, knowing what her parents and siblings love or dislike. 

What can you actually do?  

Many attendees went on to share their experiences. Have a routine and let your brain get stable. A couple of them are taking initiative to study online and improve on their knowledge. Martin is studying and enjoying diverse music genres. Anne is also studying and volunteering on the frontline. 

And lastly avoid knowing everything. It will actually put alot of tension on you. Chose one source that is specific and reliable so you can get Updates from that always. 

I would actually love to share every bit of word that was shared. But those are the main insights you might want to know. I hope to catch you there on our next Webinar 

To access the full recordings, kindly click  HERE

#Stay Safe.

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