GLYA’s New Decade Challenge

Our world is facing new challenges concerning education, political stability, global trade, environmental change and many more. As the alliance of global young leaders, it is GYLA’s aim to discuss those challenges in our community and identify possible strategies to face the global challenges of the new decade.

Therefore, GYLA introduces the “New Decade Challenge” this is a series of small competitions called “challenges” in which you can participate. You can participate in a challenge as an individual or as a team of multiple GYLA members. In each challenge you will be asked to describe a problem our societies have to overcome in the next decade and introduce your idea to solve this problem.

Be creative when developing solutions for the challenges presented to you and try to apply the knowledge you have gained during the Aiducation Academies.

New Decade Challenge 2: Turning the COVID-19 crisis into opportunities

Our second New Decade Challenge focuses on the COVID-19 Crisis. More specifically the opportunities this crisis brings. One trait of great leaders is to turn obstacles into opportunity.

In this challenge we ask you to show us how you used the COVID-19 crisis for you’re the advantage of yourself and your community.

How to participate

Send us a powerpoint or essay where you describe how you tackle and overcome this crisis. Make sure that the idea you present is outstanding and shows real leadership potential.

Send your project to until the 15. Of June 2020


Essay or powerpoint


  • - How the COVID-19 has affected you and your community
  • - How you turned the crisis into an opportunity

Winner selection:

A committee with members from each GYLA country will rate all the projects based on leadership potential, service to society, creativity and quality. The winner will be announced on 30. June 2020.


The winner will be given a book voucher worth the equivalent of 100 USD and a certificate.

The best 10 projects will also be awarded a certificate


Projects have to be handed in until 15. June 2020. The winner will be announced on 30. June 2020.05.13

How to hand in your project:

To hand in your project, send the essay or powerpoint to


If you have any questions concerning this challenge, please reach out via

    Boniface Mahulo -GYLA President

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