GYLA Election Council Statement: Presidential Election 2020 Fraud

Dear GYLA family,


Recent election events around the world show that fraud is undermining the electoral process in both established democracies and transitional societies. The April GYLA Elections exposed the Election Council and GYLA in general to a lot of lessons, some kind some unkind, we believe that these lessons learned from this electoral cycle will strengthen the Council and all of us within the alliance.

However, in the context of unkind lessons, the Election Council managed to foil an attempt to alter the will of the people by election malpractice. We regret to mention that one of us -an outlier -impersonated voters by phishing information from GYLA platform e.g. Names and vote in the April Presidential election. This goes against the values of GYLA; Respect, Achievement, Teamwork, and more specific Truthfulness.

“We believe that speaking the truth, being transparent about matters, and uphold the highest levels of dignity are the fabric that weaves our network together. This will improve our moral character…”

Therefore, the Election Council and GYLA would like to condemn this act among others witnessed with all sincerity, any attempts in the future will have dire consequences. We, therefore, want to warn you against anything that violates the values that bind us together and urge you to adhere to the said values and uphold them for the better of the network.

With the lessons, we would like to assure you of our continued integrity and steadfastness to endeavor to hold free, fair, and credible elections in the future.


Thank you for your support.


GYLA Election Council



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