Apr 15, 2020

Hello GYLA members,

We are very excited to announce our first GYLA New Decade Challenge winner. The challenge was focussing on rising sea levels. In total, we had seven amazing projects handed in with authors from Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania. Each project was evaluated by two coordinators from a different country than the author.The projects were really great but we had to get the winner eventhough the competiotion was so close.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's an honour to announce Richard Mensah Adonu, a Ghanian student of journalism as our very first winner of GYLA New Decade Challenge. He did an amazing essay on the impact of rising sea levels for Town of Keta, Ghana. For this reason, he has won a book voucher worth the equivalent of 100 USD. Congratulations to Richard and all those who participated in this competition for the amazing projects. Special thanks for your time and efforts.

Looking fotrward to seeing more amazing projects in our next challenge. 

We appreciate your amazing efforts and motivations in making GYLA family great.

Thank you all.

BY Mahulo Boniface


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