Q1. What are the key dates for the election period?


April 15- Deadline for all applicants in all chapters to submit their applications for approval to the Election Council.

April 16- Beginning of the deliberation of applications submitted by the Election Council.

April 18- Generation of List of approved candidates for the election.


April 18- Campaign period

April 20- Close of the Campaign Period

April 21- Voting period

April 23- Close of the voting period


April 24- Announcing the results and GYLA president.

April 27- Photo op & Receiving of Certificate from Chapter Coordinator.

April 30- Publish of the GYLA president speech.


Q2. What is GYLA presidency?


This is the function of the GYLA president tasked with representing the alumni of Aiducation International and serving their interests and responsible for developing and maintaining the relations between the different chapters in Aiducation. For more information on GYLA President go here.


Q3. How long does the term last?


The president will hold the office of GYLA President for a term not exceeding 1 year. The president-elect will serve one term.


Q4. Who is eligible to Apply?


This position is offered to GYLA Founders in any of the many chapters of Aiducation in the world. Other eligibility requirements see in the following document.


Q5. I may have already applied, how do I know I have applied?


The Election Council will reach back to you to confirm receipt of your application materials via email or call if applicable. If you find you don't receive an email then it is most likely it wasn't sent and therefore apply again here.


Q6. How is Voting going to happen?


Electronic voting will be used since the voters are dispersed across different regions and chapters. A Google Form will be sent to each GYLA member to electronically vote for their candidate of choice.


Q7. Who can vote in the GYLA Presidential Election?


Voting will be done by GYLA members who are Alumni, AiduTalents of Aiducation from any of the chapters of Aiducation within GYLA.


Q8. How can you tell if somebody tries to vote more than once?


The Google forms to receive and store database of the voters in terms of emails and names and chapters, so in case of a breach like that the Election council will isolate and regard the vote as a bad vote.


Q9. Who constitutes the Election Council?


The council is made up of a representative from each of the different chapters who is a founder and stands for the values of GYLA. Member of the Council swears to uphold Fairness and Honesty during this period.


Q10. Contact Information of the Election Council


Jimmie Chengo (Kenya)                                                               



Rodeann Angelica D. Vallo (Philippines)



Ebenezer Mlay (Tanzania)



Jane Namara (Uganda)



Anastasia Kulah (Ghana)


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