The First Kenyan edition of the DierkeHouben Lead Your Self Academy  was organised by DierkeHouben Leadership partners in collaboration with Aiducation International. The academy took place in the week commencing 17th to 21st February 2020 in Nairobi, Kenya. Indeed it was a very wonderful and impactful week where talented young leaders developed and cultivated their leadership potential by action-learning, interacting and being coached by the wonderful international and Kenyan senior executives.

We had very enriching input and coaching sessions covering the topics:

  • Clarifying our values and motivations
  • Sharing our ideas of leadership
  • leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Moving from Self-awareness to Self-management
  • Envisioning our Future Self
  • Identifying our individual purpose
  • Learning from our Path of Life
  • Reflecting our behavioural styles
  • Creating a Personal Action Plan
  • Training your brain with Microtechniques among many other invaluable topics

It was indeed wonderful seeing the talented young leaders identifying their own purpose and stepping from self-awareness to mindful self-management in order to live their purpose.

Special thanks to Anke and Kai, our wonderful coaches; George, Tuni, Liz, Robert, Joseph, Kamau and Florian and all the participants for the wonderful experiences and for making the week very impactful. Let us now stay focused on living our purpose and unfolding our full potential.

By Boniface Mahulo

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