My Experience at the Startup Academy – December 2019


Hello everyone! I am so excited to share a great experience I had at the first Aiducation-coordinated Academy based on entrepreneurship in Tanzania. Overall, I can say it was great luck and fun to meet such great and wonderful entrepreneurs who made great impact to our minds on entrepreneurship.


Here’s what we had done on the 1-week Academy:

Day 1:

At the opening we had a busy day learning on creating good pitches for our business ideas and learning the basics of a good business plan. We also had luck to get introduced and invited to join the GYLA network. During the evening we had a session on ‘A Day in the Life of…’, were each one had to think of one of the days in the future of his career. We liked this a lot because it made us get motivated to keep up with our dreams. And I had been imagining of ’A day in the life of a Game Developer’.

Day 2:

We had a busy day yesterday and today we got lectures on Customer Needs, Solution and USP’s, Business Model and Agile Management. We also had coaching sessions on our business ideas and team work sessions.

Day 3:

This was the second most important day for me. I really wanted to learn and get the knowledge on preparation of the financials for any business and we also had time to implement this knowledge on our business idea during team work session and coaching sessions. Later in the evening, we had Teamwork training session where we learnt to work as a team and its benefits.

Day 4:

This was my favorite day where we learnt on marketing of our products/services. We got introduced to various channels of sales including their pros and cons. Being my favorite day in the Academy we had a busy night where we had to prepare for our pitches for the presentation on the next day. We wanted to win and we had to do everything to make sure we did the best.

Day 5:

This was our final day at the Academy where we reviewed everything we did the entire week and we had to get ready to do pitching for our business ideas. Luckily, my group, HortusAI became the winning pitch over all other groups when we presented our idea on the mobile application using camera and Artificial Intelligence to detect presence of diseases and pests on crops and fruits in horticulture industry. Later we had an excursion to Banana Investments Ltd. engaged in making banana wine and later we were lucky to celebrate birthday event of one among the trainers, Beat Scheurer.

All in all, It was fun and educative. Much thanks to Aiducation for organizing this beautiful event.


Written by: Francis Kikulwe 

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