Future Begins Today: Josh's Robotic Competition Story

Josh is a talented young man from Quezon City, Philippines. His passion for robotics has taken him some places. This November, Josh and his team will represent the Philippines in the World Robotics Olympiad in Hungary.  Get to know about him and his passion for robots below.

Last September 15, my friends and I got the chance to join the Philippine Robotics Olympiad. It is a national contest held every year to qualify teams who will join the World Robotics Olympiad. The year’s theme is “Smart Cities” which is about having an efficient way of communications and building a better society. There are two categories in this competition, the Open Category for research and the Regular Category for robot games (where we compete). For the Regular Category, the participants were given a task which their robot should be able to accomplish within 2 minutes. The robot should be built using the LEGO Mindstorms and other Lego parts.

I joined this competition because of my interest in robotics. We enjoyed the competition while also able to share and display our talents and skills in robotics. This is also our school's very first win in this competition. 

WINNING MOMENT: Josh (4th from the left) smiles and shows off their robot as they were recognized as the winners of the competition. 

Since it was my first time to win in this competition, I was very happy when I heard the result. I also felt amazing because all our hardwork and sacrifices has been paid off. Because of this win, we will be able to represent the Philippines in the World Robotics Olympiad.  I am really looking forward to this competition, not just to once again show our skills, but also to meet and gain new friends from other countries.  I expect that we will learn new things about robotics in this competition. I believe that opportunities like  this can help us improve as individuals so we should really maximize every chance we get. 

WINNING ROBOT: Josh and his groupmates spent almost 3 months in designing, crafting, and coding this robot. 


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