Have you ever felt losing all hope amidst adversities? This is exactly the story of one of the AiduTalents who is a Pathways participant from the Philippines. This girl managed to pull off a comeback by continuing to hope.

Pathways to Higher Education is a program in Ateneo de Manila University that aims to mold high-potential but underprivileged students into future leaders. To maintain the status in the program, students should undergo and pass the screening process. A major part of this process is the Alay ni Ignacio (ANI) Summer Class. At this point, students attend classes to instill a sense of responsibility and commitment to the upcoming programs of Pathways. Just like how normal classes go, they should maintain a good passing grade in order to continue their journey.

A major setback in her life almost doomed her dream of staying in the program. She was unable to pass in Trigonometry. Her eligibility in the program was at stake. She was devastated. She would even question if she was meant to stay.

She did not graduate that year from the summer classes, and was put on probationary status in Pathways. She was in tears, like the other students who did not pass. Despite her seemingly bleak situation, she continued to persevere and remain hopeful. To symbolize her hopeful disposition, she ceremoniously planted a coin in a field in Ateneo. She promised that her hope would also flourish and bear fruit as she continues to grow throughout her Pathways journey.

She remained optimistic as she faced a heavy workload for the next summer class. She tried to appreciate the beauty in every challenge and see hope in the smallest of things. She soldiered on, knowing she is not alone in this struggle. With her positivity and the support she received, she tried her best to prove that she deserves to stay in the program.


A year later, she was able to graduate in the summer classes program with flying colors and continues to receive blessings of hope and love from the Pathways community. In the end, the hope she once planted blossomed into opportunities for her brighter life ahead.

This story proves that hope is one key tool we have in every challenge that may come our way. May it serve as a reminder that hope is in all of us.

Joellyn Aplacador is a Pathways Batch 16 participant and a Grade 12 student at the time of posting. She attended the Swiss Re 6 Academy last Summer 2019 in order to make use of her valuable time to learn responsible entrepreneurship.

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