Tamia Nuna's insights of the Corporate Career Academy 2019

Tamia Nuna is a young and curious student from Kenya who attended the recent Aiduaction Corporate Career Academy. Discover more about her experience and how she expects the fair to help her starting her career, where she aims to have a positive impact on the Kenyan society.


Where do you see yourself professionally 20 years from now?

“I see myself in a leadership position in an organization that works with the government to help analyse the past and current situations and predict future trends to help prevent any crisis.”


What were your expectations coming to this Academy? Were those expectations met?

“I expected to know how to present myself in the corporate field and I indeed learnt how to do so.”


Which sessions were the most interesting/ had most value to you and why? Would you recommend them to a fellow aidualumni?
“I mostly enjoyed the MBTI sessions where we learnt about our preferences and non preferences and how we can use them to determine which career paths best fits us.”


What aspects of the program could have been done better?
“None. I feel like every single program was handled pretty well and I could take the most out of every session.”


How did you find the career fair? How many partners did you talk to and who exactly are they? “The career fair was just amazing. I talked to seven partners which were Zamara, Boston Consulting Group, How do you tech, Roche, BDO, Intellecap and Boma International Hospitality College.”


Did you enjoy the one on one mentoring with a Swiss Re mentor? How impactful was it to you? Can you imagine to continue this mentoring relationship even after the academy? “I really enjoyed the one on one mentoring sessions because I learnt a lot about my career path, brilliant learning techniques and how to handle life situations in general. I'm really looking forward to communicating with my mentor even after the academy because if I learnt that much from her within a short time, what about in like three years’ time? I believe I'll continue to learn so much.”


How can AiduLink contribute to your continued professional growth?
“Aidulink can contribute to my professional growth by organizing more career fairs to give us the opportunity to interact with more partners and secure a job or internship. It can also update us on any jobs, internships or voluntary opportunities that we can take up for the betterment of our career paths and also to help leave a positive impact on others in the society.”

Written by: Tamia Nuna, edited by: Florence Seabra

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