Alex is AiduAlumni and aspiring accountant, his big dream is to become governor at the Central Bank of Kenya. This year he kick-started his professional career at our corporate career academy. Read about his experiences and learning during the academy below.

Where do you see yourself professionally 20 years from now?
Currently I am at university pursuing a degree in mathematics and finance. I am very passionate about my finance studies and my favourite module is accounting. Therefore, 20 years to come I see myself being an intelligent financial manager at top companies in Kenya and the world at large. I see myself being able to solve the financial problems of my employers, hence helping them to achieve their financial targets. My biggest dream is to become a governor in the Central Bank of Kenya. I am working hard to make this dream come true.

What were your expectations coming to this Academy? Were those expectations met?
I had two main expectations; First, I wanted to improve my interview skills, as this was a weak area for me prior to the academy. During the academy the mentors coached me very well for a real-life interview situation. Petra and Samantha helped me especially through the rehearsals.  

Second, I wanted to learn how to write a CV as I had never done that before. With the help of the mentors at the academy, I was able to write and print my CV in time for the career fair on the last day of the academy, where I presented it to several companies.  

Which sessions were the most interesting/ had most value to you and why?
The sessions about corporate behaviour was extremely interesting to me. The session was educating us on how to maintain the right and acceptable behaviour in places of work. It also touched on managing time and why it is crucial to have the right character. Time management was always one of my weaknesses, but the academy really opened my eyes and I understand the essence and importance of time keeping better now. I also had a take-away concerning the Do's and Don'ts at the workplace and by the end of the session I made my mind to start practicing them as early as now.

Another interesting session was the one where we spoke about the personality tests which we took prior to the academy. I was able to go through the MBTI test which really reflected the real me and helped me to realize my strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the session I was able to understand that nobody has a weak personality, it is all about how you understand others and accept them the way they are.

I would like to encourage my fellow AudAlumni to go through this sessions and they will be positively impacted.

What aspects of the program could have been done better?
The session about job search. I think it could have been done better, as the job search is a major challenge to many of us and we are all looking forward to be employed. The session would be better when more officials from great and promitent companies share their insights.  

How did you find the career fair? How many partners did you talk to and who exactly are they?
The career fair was quite awesome. I was able to talk to several partners including Syngenta, Boston Consulting Group, Uniport Loans Kenya, Intellicap, Technet Kenya. All were very positive to me. I gave them my CV and left my details with them for future engagement.

Did you enjoy the one on one mentoring with a Swiss Re mentor? How impactful was it to you? Can you imagine to continue this mentoring relationship even after the academy?
The one on one mentoring was marvellous! I was mentored by Esther a very successful Swiss Re official. She has done more on finance which is my passion and she was able to give me a clear pathway of how to become an intelligent financial expert. I wish to continue with the mentoring even after the academy.

How can AiduLink contribute to your continued professional growth?
Providing regularly mentors who are able to coach us and open our eyes making us to see clearly our professional pathway. Also letting us to know any job opportunities available.


Written by Alex Muasya, edited by Alexandra Spälti

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