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The values, community and spirit of AiduLink, which originated in Kenya have been successfully transferred to the Philippines and Ghana this year through our online platform. The established form of this community has proven to be able to be transferred to different countries and cultures. Therefore, we think that network has the potential to unite all bright students from disadvantaged financial backgrounds worldwide. Regardless which organisation funded their studies and if they participated in an Aiducation Academy or not. In order to unite us all, we need a name, which resonates with the hearts of all alumni from similar organisations like Aiducation. Therefore, the global AiduLink network will get a brand new name. Over the last two Months we have received and evaluated more than 200 suggestions for a new name. The AiduLink Founders narrowed these down to six names.

Now it is your time to decide for the final name. We will have two surveys, the first to determine the three final names and the second to find the best name out of these three.

Please fill out the first survey now! 

Please remember, that even if the name changes, the purpose, values, and the mission of our network remain the same. We acknowledge the roots of our network and want all the future members to know where it originated. Therefore, whatever the new name will be, we will brand our network as “an AiduLink Initiative”.

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