Anastasia is a young and pragmatic student from Ghana. She shared with us her key learning after the Swiss Re Start-up Academy she attended in Ghana and how she will develop her business further. Keep an eye on her, she might be the future elected entrepreneur of the year!

Where do you see yourself in 20 years from now?

In twenty years’ time, I see myself as a professor in mathematics and the owner of companies managing people because I want to create employment. I also see myself empowering young people and helping them to achieve their dreams.

What inspired you for your business idea?

I am inspired when I'm able to help someone attain something or come out of a particular problem. That is why my business idea is about a product that have a lot of benefits and can help people with peculiar sicknesses. I'm also inspired when I make people happy.

How did the Swiss Re Start Up Academy help you with your business idea and aspiration to become an entrepreneur?

The Swiss Re Start up Academy has helped me by providing all the practicality needed in business.

  • They have taught me how to sell my idea to potential investors through pitching.
  • I can now prepare a concrete business plan for my business taking into consideration the executive summary, business concept, market place, and financial implication.
  • I can market my business or product to customers, taking into consideration the customer needs and the USPs (what as a business person do I have to offer to my customers and how my product is different from my competitors).

Time management is also paramount in doing my business and also book keeping.

What is your key take away from the academy?

My key take away is that, in business, team work is very important. Being the CEO is good, but other departments are needed for the business to grow. So we need to work together.

Another thing too is that in business, though we always anticipate profit but it is not always the case all the time - we can break - or run at loss for years before we make profit.

What is your opinion of the AiduLink network? What do you like most about it?

I like AiduLink because it's flexible; on the available website you can go to other countries’ pages to learn, meet new people and to see the good things that they are doing that are of help for one to implement. It a place for networking.

How can AiduLink help you with your business idea?

AiduLink is the place that I can meet investors and people who will help me building up my business. It's a place I advertise my product for potential buyers.

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