Diana, a young woman from Ghana who participated at the Swiss Re Start-up Academy in January 2019. As a passionate, determined and smart learner, the Start-up academy and the AiduLink network is helping her to flourish her strong potential. Her dream is to become a leading entrepreneur in Ghana and beyond, who impact and promote positive changes in the communities. Read her story below and don’t forget her name as she might become one very influential entrepreneur in the near future.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years from now?

“I see myself to be one of the famous leading entrepreneurs in Ghana and beyond, who impact and promote positive changes in communities of the country cause I am a change maker.”


What inspired you for your business idea?

“What inspired me for my business is that I want to be my own boss creating jobs for others and reducing the unemployment rate in my country as I see the challenge my community is facing and used that as an opportunity to lead change.”


How did the Swiss Re Start Up Academy help you with your business idea and aspiration to become an entrepreneur?

“The Swiss Re Start Up Academy has helped me to know how to pitch a business, keep good financial statement to be able to keep track on progresses, create a vision and a mission statement, always working as a team in every business or venture and has exposed me to a great entrepreneur like Zuri who inspires me a lot.”


What is your key take-away from the academy?

“One key take-away from the academy was for me knowing your Marketing and Selling Proposition.”


What is your opinion of the AiduLink network? What do you like most about it?

“Aidulink is an educative network which bring together young people with great ideas from around the world creating and leading change to make the world better. I’m so glad I’ve been part of the Aidulink network because it has exposed me to great mentors and founders, it has equally given me the chance to network with members across the world and also served as a platform for personal learning.”


How can AiduLink help you with your business idea?

“Aidulink can help me creating a website for my business and also connecting me to potential investors and providing me with mentorship.”

Written by: Diana Asilga, edited by: Florence Seabra

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