Prisca is a young woman born and raised in Ghana, and as an exceptional and determined academic performer she participated in the Swiss Re Start-up Academy in January 2019 in Ghana. Her dream is to become an influential entrepreneur in her country and build up her own sustainable NGO to overcome poverty in the underprivileged communities. Her passion, determination and hard work are very inspiring and we believe the skills and network she has gained in the Start-up academy will help her building up her dream! Get to know her more in the interview below.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years from now?

“In the next 20 years I see myself as one of the most influential entrepreneur, mentor, motivational speaker and founder of a life-changing NGO in my community. This NGO would be transforming lives in my community and the world at large and making it a better place to live for both the present and future generation.”


What inspired you for your business idea?

“This business idea was born out of my passion in overcoming the cycles of poverty and its effects in my community and beyond. Not with handouts, but with a sustainable business that would bring positive change on a wider set of social issues and transform lives through several activities.”


How did the Swiss Re Start Up Academy help you with your business idea and aspiration to become an entrepreneur?

“The Academy empowered me with all I need to make better and more informed decision about my business to achieve my set goals.”


What is your key take-away from the academy?

“My main take-away is that as an entrepreneur I need to work smarter not harder and make sure to attract people who believe the vision of your business.”


What is your opinion of the AiduLink network? What do you like most about it?

“It is a great network that gives us the opportunity to get in touch with change makers around the globe where we learn, relearn and unlearn!”


How can AiduLink help you with your business idea?

“I believe Aidulink can help promote my business in the global market and also link me to people who might be willing to help me grow my business.”


Written by: Prisca, edited by: Florence Seabra

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