Aiducation International invited all Kenyan Aiducation scholarship recipients, called AiduTalents to participate in an online survey regarding the impact Aiducation has had on their lives. The survey was conducted between August and December 2018 and had several goals.
The overall goal of the survey was to help assess the quality and impact of the Aiducation scholarships and mentoring programs, and of other Aiducation initiatives. Asking about the current educational and work experiences of AiduTalents, as well as asking for feedback and suggestions, will help Aiducation look at what changes to implement.

Survey participation
The survey was completed by 360 AiduTalents.  This represents 46.6% of the total 772 AiduTalents.  Of those completing the survey 52.2% were female and 47.8% male.


Current residence of AiduTalents
The current place of residence for 97.5% of the survey participants is Kenya. Of the remainder, 1.7% are currently studying abroad and 0.8% work abroad.


Qualifying for university
The survey showed that 86.4% out of the 360 survey participants qualified for University after High School and had the chances to apply for governmental support such as loans and scholarships.  



What needs to be mentioned here is that Kenya has seen tremendous changes in its education sector with the new reforms being introduced in the recent years. Many of these changes focus on the school curricula and the national examinations KCPE and KCSE. The KCSE exam in particular, had over the years been faulted for widespread malpractice and cheating leading to overall exaggerated ‘good’ results. With the new changes aimed towards curbing exam malpractice, schools and students have so far posted genuine results which, as can be expected, are lower and less exaggerated than the previous set standards. This, in turn, has led to university and college placement bodies to drop the cut off grade and points from a previous low of C+ all the way to a C-. Therefore, it can be assumed that the AiduTalents who received a C or C- in the above showed graphic can/ could still go to University, since they graduated after the changes.


Family situation of AiduTalents
The survey showed that most AiduTalents have parents that are either unemployed (Mothers: 29.7%/ Fathers: 11.9%) or self-employed (Mothers: 24.4%/ Fathers: 18.3%). The high proportion of deceased fathers (15%) compared to the mothers (4.4%) is striking. 9.1% of the survey participants are orphans that live/ lived with guardians.     




Most families of the survey participants have a monthly family income that is either below 5’000 KES (14.4%) or not beyond 10’000 KES (17.2%). 30.8% weren’t able to provide any information on this subject.


Higher education results

Of the scholars supported by Aiducation International, 90.8% of the students were able to do a higher education (current or in the past) after secondary school. However, the survey was conducted at a time when many have just graduated and were not yet working nor studying.



The study fields are mostly in professions and applied sciences, formal sciences, social sciences, humanities and natural sciences.

Financing further education
The survey showed that financing higher education after secondary school is still challenging for
AiduTalents and is mostly financed through different channels such as Parents/ family (24.4%), JAB and HELB (23.6%) (JAB and HELB are both support programs from the government) and other loans (10.6%)

Current employment of AiduTalents
During the time the survey was conducted, only 14.7% were working.  This is not surprising as many of the survey participants are currently studying or just graduated. Half of the survey participants that are currently working are only temporary employed (50.0%).

The different job positions of the survey participants are in top senior management (14.3%), middle management (12.5%), lower management (25.6%), and no management tasks at all (44.6%).

They are mostly engaged in the industries Society and Government, Business & Administration, Artistico & Creative, Science & Engineering, Medical & Caring, Living Environment, and Others – as per the graphic below:



Impact of Aiduction programs & AiduTalent network

The majority (81.4%) of the survey participants are convinced that their Aiducation scholarship was very crucial in their lives and gave them the opportunity to attend high school, receive mentoring through the scholarship program and find further professional and general education. Many students can follow their dreams because of Aiducation International – the bridge so needed to cross over.

From all survey participants 93.6% participated in at least one Mentorship Academy. Out of those 58.8% rated the impact of the Mentorship Academies as crucially important on the personal development. 

The mentorship academies are mostly rated “excellent“ (60.5%). On the side of the personal development (life and career), it increases the skills, living standards, environmental awareness, knowledge on business such as entrepreneurial matters and independence.

From the 360 survey participants 62.8% are part of the AiduTalent network in Kenya. The survey showed that the most important and wished opportunities of a network are mentorship programs (78.0%), networking with other AiduTalents (75.1%) and Leadership training (70%).

General Feedback
Out of the survey responses one can see that the overall impact of Aiducation International’s support is and was of crucial importance to all survey participants. Without Aiducation, too many students with excellent academic performance would not have been able to attend secondary school and thereafter, follow the education of their dreams.

The survey shows a percentage of 7.1% of the survey participants that once had a negative/unfair experience or treatment while being an Aiducation scholar. The mentors, teams and assistants of the Academies will do their utmost to decrease this percentage further.

Improvements could be made by finding solutions for those who have finished high school and wish to continue with the higher education but are unable to finance it. AidTalents should get information on upcoming events in time so as to be able to make the necessary arrangements for attending.

Furthermore, the improvement of the personal relationship with AiduTalents may encourage more participation in events like Academies, surveys, the network or general Aiducation business.

This was the first survey exclusively for our AiduTalents to assess Aiducation's performance and derive measures to optimize our operation. We plan to conduct an improved version of this survey on a bi-annual basis.

Aiducation International believes in its goals and is constantly trying to improve and create more impact. The Aiducation team is working hard to change the lives of many more students and to keep the supported talents within a strong network of high potentials.  The AiduTalents are very grateful for the opportunities given by Aiducation and are eager to contribute to a better Kenya together.       
We would like to thank all survey participants for the honest feedback and look forward to create a lot more impact together with you in the years to come.


Written and Compiled by Ruth Hug, Cynthia Brauchli & Lembit Lellep.
Edited by Cynthia Brauchli

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