More than 400 alumni have activated their account in the past six months and every day more alumni are joining our digital family. Countless stories have been shared.  Every week has started with a motivating quote. Some alumni have even found a job due to our network.


However, amongst the constructive feedback we have received is the following from Denzel Domingo, coordinator of the Alumni Network in the Philippines.  “We had to do a lot of orientation as to what AiduLink is because the name doesn’t ring a bell for us, especially for our older alumni who weren’t able to get to know Aiducation.” Other similar comments have been received regarding the prefix ‘Aidu.’


As a result of comments such as this our global network will get a brand new name, a name that will be chosen by our alumni community. The values, mission, and vision of our network will remain the same. The name of the local Kenyan Alumni Association will remain unchanged, as AiduLink was first developed by the Kenyan Alumni Association already some years ago. In the new format AiduLink Kenya will become part of the global network joining all of our partner organisations.

Watch the videos below for more information on our name change:


Anyone with a new name suggestion is invited to contact


A second major change will be to expand the access to our global network. Until now, only students who have participated in an Aiducation Academy, or received a scholarship from Aiducation have been eligible to become a part of our digital network. Part of our vision is to create a network that connects all future leaders from developing countries who have received a merit based scholarship.  For example, students from partner organizations such as Pathways Philippines and St. Jude Tanzania will be given access to our network. George Jilani, Coordinator of AiduLink Kenya has said “Our network is our networth! Let’s come together and make this work!” 


With the belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, our network will be able to brainstorm solutions globally for our local communities on an intercultural and interdisciplinary basis.


In addition to the above changes, several new features are being developed for our digital platform. One new feature is our Ted Talk initiative. Any member of our digital community will be able to upload their own ‘Ted Talk’ about a topic she/he is passionate about. The creator of the video which receives the most votes from our community will win a trip to Switzerland


Another new feature will be enabling event registrations directly via our platform.  This means you will be able to register for academies and all events directly on our platform.


Yet another new feature under development is a media centre where our members will find information on career guidance, loan and scholarship applications, CV templates, and much more.


Last but not least, a new series called ‘Live Chat With’ will be launched soon. During these live chat sessions our members will get the chance to interact directly with a business, political or social leader.  Watch for the topic and date for the first “Live Chat With.”


Written by Alexandra Spälti and edited by Lembit Lellep

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