The Rotary Club Zürich Limmattal takes his partnership with Aiducation to the next level

The Rotary Club Zürich-Limmattal and the District 2000 take their partnership with Aiducation International to the next level. During a five-day academy workshop in December 2019, 50 talented students from all around Tanzania will improve their entrepreneurial skills and learn about different aspects of starting a business from experienced rotary members.

Aiducation International and the Rotary Club are connected by strong bonds and good relationships. Multiple rotary members have supported Aiducation International privately with their scholarships, Aiducation’s first mentorship academy in 2009 in Kenya was financed by the RC Zürich-Sihltal and all clubs combined donated 23 scholarships for bright students from poor backgrounds in Kenya and the Philippines.

The Rotary Club Zürch-Limmattal takes this partnership to the next level now, 10 years after our first academy, the Club decided to fund the very first start-up academy in Tanzania. Tanzania is in the top 15 of the poorest countries worldwide. Only 30% of the youth are going to high school and the unemployment rate is alarming. One way to break this poverty cycle is entrepreneurship. Through equipping talented youth from poor backgrounds with entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, this start-up academy will have an enormous impact on the life of the participants, their families, friends and whole communities. During five days, selected Rotary members will share their knowledge about entrepreneurship with bright Tanzanian students from poor backgrounds. The students will learn how to turn their business ideas into practice, benefit from coaching sessions with all the Rotarians and have the chance to profit from an individual mentoring with the coach of their choice.


Rotary member Dr. Andrea Degen says about this programme:

“It is our responsibility to enable future entrepreneurs in developing countries. By partnering with Aiducation International we enable help to self-help. And through sharing our knowledge about entrepreneurship, Rotary is serving the society as a whole.”

That the concept one-week academies works, proofs the case of Kenya, where more than 25 companies have been founded due to the start-up academy program.

We are grateful for the continuous support of Rotary and look forward to the next 10 years of this impactful partnership.


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