AiduAlumni Network Fun Days – The Kenyan Alumni getting closer together

Written by Darleen Ongwena, AiduAlumna Kenya

We live in a digital world, young adults do not leave the house without their phone and share their whole life with the digital community. Nevertheless, it is important to break out of the digital world sometimes and meet each other in person to discuss, network and support each other. For this reason, AiduAlumni Network is holding two offline events every month. Read below what happens during these events.

We want the AiduAlumni Network, which generally communicates via its online platform, to be a close network, where everybody knows each other. It would be disappointing to pass an alumnus or alumna on the street without saying hello just because you can’t put a face to their names. The Network can also help if we move to a new city or town and get stranded or do not know our way around. If we know each other we can help us out and will never feel foreign again.

One concept to get closer are the “AiduAlumni Fun Days” held in Kenya. The Fun Days are organised autonomously by alumni for alumni and as the name depicts , this is a day full of fun.

Alumni at the Nairobi Fun Day


What happens during a fun day?

Fun Days are opportunities to meet new alumni, catch up on current issues and share ideas on how to expand our network. Every alumni should make a point of attending this fun day since the network is growing day by day and there is need to know each other.  An AiduLink Fun Day takes place once every month in various chapters either at the Coast of Kenya or in Nairobi. Anyone associated with Aiducation is invited to join the fun day, the only thing they need to bring is an open mind for discussions and a good mood. So far, we have held two fun days one in Nairobi and the other at the coast.

The event at the coast included a bike ride Fort Jesus, a fort located on Mombasa Island, where the alumni enjoyed the historical site and had a fruitful and lively discussion on this stunning location. Later on the discussion continued as they enjoyed cold juicy drinks along the beach while catching up with each other.

Alumni at the Coast Fun Day

Also in Nairobi, the Alumni engaged in physical activities, this time in the form of a hike followed by a shared meal. New connections were made during both events, as some Alumni met each other for the first time and have stayed in touch ever since.


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