The AiduAlumni Network – Bringing Aiducation closer together

Written by Shorena Messerli, Aiducator Switzerland

Ten years ago, the idea of helping financially needy students in developing countries manifested into creating the organisation of Aiducation, which now unites six independent national chapters and nearly 2000 young bright minds from Kenya, the Philippines and Ghana along with the numerous Aidufriends and AiduSupporters.

Years ago, when our first Alumni graduated from a high school, we immediately felt the need of a functioning tool which would enable us to stay connected and further empower each other through education and information.

This is why we created an AiduAlumni Platform – a global talent network in the form of an online platform that enables us to stay connected with each other and enhance our community engagement.

Map showing the locations of AiduLink members
Map showing the locations of AiduLink members


The network can be particularly useful for AiduTalents, who unlike before can now stay connected with other talents and mentors, discover new job opportunities, and share what matters to them. Such continuing mentorship goes beyond scholarship and academy and can lead to life-long partnerships between the regions` leading talents and professionals.

Anytime I visit the online platform I learn something new…yeah! Either the quote of the week shared by Sora Mudha that got me thinking and reflecting or George Jilani sharing insightful report on World Economic Forum 2018 or Florian Kapitza sharing a fascinating history about Chinese New Year among others and that is what I like about Aidulink,” – says Ghanaian AiduTalent Agnes, who is an active member of Aidulink and plans to use the network for her career advancement and guidance.

Along Agnes there are Currently 272 members in Aidulink from Kenya, Philippines and Ghana. Twice per month online discussion in Aidulink from Kenya and Philippine move offline when the AiduLink offline network meetings are held. This gives our Alumni the opportunity to strengthen their network, get to know each other better and support each other in important life questions in an informal setting. We hope that such connections will make AiduTalents more productive and successful in their future endeavours.

But not only the AiduTalents benefit from the network, the platform also allows our AiduAmbassadors, AiduMakers and AiduFriends to register for Aiducation events, learn about our latest activities in the impact blog and support us.

The AiduAlumni Network is a growing network. We would like to see more AiduTalents, Aiducators, AiduMakers, AiduAmbassadors, AiduMentors and AiduFriends joining the network, staying connected and supporting each other.  


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