Agnes is a young woman born and raised in Ghana, she participated in the XVI Swiss Re entrepreneurship academy in Accra. The vision of Agnes is highly inspiring, she grew up in a humble background and works hard to achieve her goal of becoming a lecturer and business woman. If she continues to pursue her dreams with this vigor and enthusiasm, we will for sure hear and read much more about the Ghanaian leader named Agnes Atanga. Read our interview with her below. 

Where do you see yourself in 20 years from now?

As a teacher and someone who is passionate about inspiring my world positively, I see myself becoming:

  • Academically, attaining my doctorate degree and the professor in Computer Science and Guidance and Counselling.
  • Professionally: Lecturer at the University of Education, WInneba (thus a Teacher of Teachers), author of Books and a motivational speaker.

Also, the CEO of AgnesAyariga Enterprise. The company that will provide a wide range of multimedia products and services, tailored to fit specific needs of customers. Our vision and goal will be to address critical needs in ICT and its related technologies.

  • Corperate Social Responsibility:  The founder and Executive Director of The Academic Success Team Foundation.  An NGO whose focus is on the development and successes of students in Ghana and beyond. Thus playing a major role in achieving the SDG goal 1, 4 and 5.

What inspired you for your business idea? 

I have always believed in using technology to help solve some of the world’s greatest problems. As a teacher, this believe inspired me to use technology to help our educational sector in Ghana. Online learning management system for SHS students which provides practical online teaching and learning for convenience and affordability. The mobile app provides virtual practical teaching and learning services for students and employment for teachers.

How did the Swiss Re Start-up academy help you with your business idea?
The Academy helped polished my idea into a workable plan by assisting me with the following:

  • Creating Vision and Mission statement for my business.
  • Identifying the problem that my business seeks to address.
  • Specify my customer needs/solution
  • Marketing and Sales(answering the 4 Ps)
  • Answer the business model canvas.
  • Assuming my production cost and operating expenses to calculate the breakeven period and expected profit.
  • Pitch my business idea to potential investors.
  • Zuri Harris’s story of successes and failures helped my aspiration to become an entrepreneur.

What is your key take away from the academy?

My key take away from the Academy is Teamwork. Learning from each other, supporting each other, asking for help and having a common goal is a key component to my success.

What is your opinion of the AiduLink network? What do you like most about it?

In my opinion, Aidulink is an educative networking platform that brings together young individuals with common goal and interest together to help one another and make the world a better place. Anytime I visit Aidulink I learn something new…yeah!!!. Either the quote of the week shared by Sora Mudha that got me thinking and reflecting or George Jilani sharing insightful report on World Economic Forum 2018 or Florian Kapitza sharing a fascinating history about Chinese new year among others  and that is what I like about Aidulink.

How can AiduLink help you with your business idea?

Aidulink can help by connecting me with potential investors and providing a mentor in my shoes who will guide me achieve my goals.                  

Written by Agnes Atanga                                          

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