Meet our Ghanaian AiduTalent Seidu - The Entrepreneur who wants to give back


Seidu participated in the XVI Swiss Re Start-up academy in Ghana. He is a young man with great ambition driven by the goal to support the people in his area. Even though, he is still pursuing is studies in politics, he already runs a small vegetable farm.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years from now?
Today I am a student of politics and a young passionate farmer. In 20 years from now, my farming business will be one of the top 5 agricultural businesses in Ghana. I am sure that by 2039 my business will be flourishing, and we will be able to expand our production and start exporting our vegetables and poultry products as well. It is very important for me to support the people in the area where my farm is located, so that they also profit from our business. We have issues with child or forced marriage and domestic violence in our area. Therefore, I will use the profit generated by the farm to fund and operate a charity organisation which will be known as the “Abdulla Foundation For the Needy” (AFFON). The mission of the organisation will be to “give a voice to the voiceless”. Besides that, we will also use my knowledge of politics to hold duty bearers accountable.

What inspired you for your business idea?
My inspiration to go into agriculture comes from my believe, that the economy of any country can turn around positively, if we take agriculture seriously and we all get involved. My motivation to start an agricultural business was not due to the monetary aspects of the business, on the contrary, I see agriculture as a very noble career path which is worth pursuing and brings the ability to give back to the society.

How did the Swiss Re Start Up Academy help you with your business idea and aspiration to become an entrepreneur?
The Academy actually helped me a lot! Among other things I learnt about the importance of multiple business tools like bookkeeping, financial statements, revenue generations, business models and insurances. I also learned to put myself in the place of the customers and learned to better understand their needs and priorities. As a result from the academy, I will put together a team of result driven and success oriented individuals to refine my business plan with them and develop a customer driven marketing strategy. I am sure that by applying what I learned in the academy my business will grow bigger and bigger and my vision for 2039 will come true.

What is your key take away from the academy?
My key take away from the academy is the importance of teamwork. I take with my, that each individual has specific talents so when we have a diverse team with multiple talents each team member should do the task where he/she is more talented that the others. This will increase the efficiency and innovation potential of the businesses. 

What is your opinion of the AiduLink Network? What do like most about it?
My opinion about AiduLink is that, it is a human network, which tries to connect not only brilliant or business minded ladies and gentlemen, but individuals who can be game changers in their respective communities. What I like most about AiduLink is that you get an opportunity to interact with very determined and innovative young guys and girls across other countries. You equally get to share ideas and inspire each other with other people’s stories.

How can AiduLink help you with your business idea?
AiduLink can help me by linking or connecting me to people in other places who are ready and willing to invest and own some shares. Additionally, AiduLink can support me in my current endeavour to fundraise the capital needed to buy water pumps for my farm.

Written by Seidu Abdulai

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