A Memory to Last: Jericho's story of his academy experiences

Jericho is a Grade 12 student from the Philippines taking Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) strand in Senior High School. Last December 2018, he was part of the selected students to attend the 3rd Synpulse Project Management Academy in the Philippines (Dec. 15-21, 2018). The academy aims to impart to the students the basics of project management as well as to expose them with inspiring people from other parts of the world. Let us read what he has to say about his experience. 

"At first, I was very hesitant to join the academy because it was December and I wanted to have an early vacation. I asked my mother what she thinks I should do, and she told me that it will be once in a lifetime opportunity to learn Project Management from experts. And so, I gave it a try.

PROUD MOMENT: Jericho (3rd from the right) and his groupmates as they answer the questions from the jury during the final presentation.

I was very shocked when we met our mentors even before the actual academy. I didn't know they would actually join us in our bus ride to the venue. This initial interaction became a way for us to know one another even before the formal start of the academy, eliminating some awkwardness between me and the mentors. 

During the course of the academy, my relationship with my mentors developed even further. I got close to all the mentors. I would like to share some points I learned from them especially from Kuya Abhi (Gupta) and Kuya Janis (Heibel). These points stuck to me because I think I would really be able to use them to achieve my dreams. 

Kuya Abhi taught me to never give up, and focus on my goals. He told me that I should bounce back from the defeats and learn from it and to always remember the reasons why I do the things I do.

Kuya Janis has kept in touch with me even after the academy. He gave me advices on using my money more efficiently and that the best investment you can do is to invest in yourself and abilities.

I cannot stress enough how memorable the academy was especially because of the presence of our great mentors, Kuya Abhi, Kuya Janis, Kuya Adi, Ate Laura, and Ate Susi. 

Last but not the least, I want to express my deepest gratitude to Kuya Christoph for being so engaged during his short visit. His participation in the academy made everything extra special. We had a wonderful time during our coaching session (he even joined us in our karaoke session!) Overall, the academy provided me with great memories during a span of 7 days - memories that I will treasure for a lifetime.

ALL SMILES: Jerico (3rd from the left) and his co-participants posed with his Kuya Christoph after an insightful coaching session. 

* Kuya is a Filipino title used to address an older male sibling to show respect. Ate is used for females. 

Written by Denzel Domingo


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