Clara is a young woman and future leader from Ghana with an innate entrepreneurial mindset. She saw the high demand of poultry products in her area and was stunned by the high prices of the products. It was after she investigated the cause of the issue that she realised most chicken products sold on Ghanaian markets are imported goods. This immediately triggered the entrepreneur in her as she saw the market opportunity. Clara then participated in the Swiss Re Start-up academy to refine her idea and eventually turn her idea into practice. In an interview she tells us about herself.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years from now?
By 2039, I will be running the world’s biggest poultry farm and produce affordable, healthy free-range chicken. The quality of our chicken will be so good, that we can also export it to more markets and compete with the imported chicken from the US, Brazil and Europe. Our farm distinguishes itself from other producers through the employment benefits and on-site training programme we offer to our employees. Besides my professional career, I also want to give back to my community and support the next generation Ghanaian leaders by lecturing at the University of Cape Coast. Furthermore, I hope to be married and mother to two kids within the next 20 years.

What inspired you for your business idea?
My greatest inspiration for my business idea was the Ghanaian chicken market itself. I observed the massive demand for chicken products and how profitable the business is because of the high prices. At the same time, I realized that the demand for poultry products is higher than what we produce ourselves in Ghana, this was because of the high rate of imported chicken. Secondly, my dad was a huge inspiration for me, as a retired veterinary officer, he knows the market very well and taught me about the market dynamics.

How did the Swiss Re Start-up academy help you with your business idea?
Before I attended the Swiss Re Star-up Academy, all I had was an idea, which was at a very early stage. During the academy this raw idea got polished into a practical business plan. The academy also taught me crucial business skills like pitching and networking. Those skills will be a huge help when I start to implement my business. Besides the formal curriculum of the academy I also profited from meeting and connecting with like-minded students from all over Ghana.

What do you like most about AiduLink?
AiduLink is a great networking platform, but it is also very educative because of the experiences other AiduTalents from all over the world share. The platform encourages me to open my mind for business perspectives outside of Ghana and to build networks all over the world.

How can AiduLink help you with your business idea?
On AiduLink, I can get assistance from other AiduTalents in terms of market needs, feedback to the business and ideas for improvements when I commence my business. Besides that, AiduLink gives me the chance to make investors aware of my business and offers a marketing platform for my products. Especially in the early stages of my business, the AiduLink platform and community will be a huge support for my success.

Written by Clara Shaibu-Waale

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