Christmas came early for Pathways as we celebrate our annual Paskuhang Pathways (Pathways Christmas Party). 

This year, the theme was Isang PHEmilya: Solid Tayo (One Family. Solid as One)* , highlighting our core value of solidarity and reflecting on what can be achieved when we come together as one family. Pathways students, alumni, parents, volunteers, and staff were all smiles and shrieks as they enthusiastically participated in the parlour games and raffle prizes which were generously shared by mostly Pathways alumi. Thank you for that dear Alumni!

Paskuhang Pathways would not be complete without the friendly competition among the students for their batch presentations too. They gamely gave their all when it came to role playing, singing, dancing and even composing songs especially describing their Pathways experiences!

Solid Together: Pathways Community 2018

It has been a challenging year, but this Christmas, we wish to pause and simply be grateful for all the love, joy, and generosity we received. We also created an opportunity for our community to give back. Participants brought pencils and other school supplies which in turn will be donated to The Black Pencil Project, an organization that distributes pencils, pens and paper to schoolchildren in the remotest barrios of the Philippines (

It was tiring but our hearts are full with the camaraderie and love felt today. May peace, hope, and love for one another continue to be with us all this Yuletide season, and throughout the New Year!

*Pamilya is the Filipino term for family. PHE is the acronym of Pathways to Higher Education. "PHEmilya" was a played up word combining both PHE and Pamilya coined to remind the community that they belong to a family called Pathways.

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