Building People, Building Nation has always been Aiducation's driving motivation. This belief fuels our entire community to work tirelessly in searcing and nurturing high potentials from across the globe. One of those students is Rovalie, a graudating architecture student from the Philippines, whose perspective of a bright future has been changed due to her involvement in Pathways and Aiducation. Let us read what she has to say about her journey.


"Before I entered Pathways, I was a 15 year old student who dreams for a brighter future for me and for my family. While in the program, I was provided with lots of opportunities to discover more about myself. I was also nurtured in a community of young leaders - our Ates (older sister) and Kuyas (older brother) who never fail to give time to listen, motivate and inspire us despite their own academic/work load, and my co-participants whom I shared the wonderful journey here in Pathways. Eventually, the program made me realize that I can do more not just for myself but also for the community where I belong. Pathways has taught me to go beyond the self and see what I can contribute to the society. It helped me become a person who always seeks for opportunities to grow and inspired me to excel so that I can serve my community better. The organization also demonstrated service with humility, love, and commitment. Ultimately, Pathways challenged me to step up and elevate my dreams for a greater cause."


Rovalie is a graudating architecture student from the University of the Philippines. She lives out the Pathways core value of Service to Society by dedicating her time as volunteer in Philippine academies as well as by serving as president of Pathways' student arm organization from 2017 to 2018. During her free time, Rovalie draws landscapes and hikes mountains.


*Trailblazers Talk is a series of articles released to showcase the AiduTalents' experiences and journey in Pathways from their own point of view. Trailblazer is used by Pathways to call its participants who have successfully undergone its 6-year formation program. The articles were derived from the Humans of Pathways campaign of Pathways. 

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