This year’s edition of the Impact Dinner in Basel comprised of inspiring speeches in vivid discussions amongst the guest. 70 like-minded people from all sorts of backgrounds and industries met at Basel to learn how Aiducation creates sustainable positive impact. The speeches of Prof. Marcel Tanner and AiduAlumni Diana Wangechi rounded this wonderful evening off. 

The fifth Aiducation Impact Dinner took place on 30. October 2018. 70 guests were flocking into Restaurant Schützenhaus in Basel, eager to learn more about how Aiducation makes a positive impact on the lives of bright young students in Kenya and the Philippines. The event started with a small Apéro in the beautiful ancient hall of the location, giving the guests the opportunity to meet, network and chat. Amelia Meier then welcomed everybody and presented Aiducation International. Her Introduction was followed by an equally stunning and inspiring presentation by Prof. Marcel Tanner, who is well known for his many achievements in the fight against tropical diseases and efforts to improve public health in developing countries. Prof. Tanner shared insights into his work as well as the challenges and obstacles when trying to eradicate fatal deseases. He stressed the correlation between poverty and diseases. Explaining the connection with the example of a family in Tanzania, where the mother is planting vegetables to feed her kids and the father is fishing. “When their small child gets ill” he explains “the mother will have to take it to the hospital, and care for it. Consequently, nobody is able to look after the vegetables.” He continues to elaborate the similarities between the lack of access to medical care and lack of access to education in low-income countries.

Guests listening to the speech of Prof. Tanner

Prof. Tanner closes his presentation with the message, that people need access to the right tools in order to achieve their goals. While Tanner and his team provide the tool of high-quality medicine, Aiducation has so far been equipping 1’600 Students with the tool of Education, giving them the chance to create positive impact in their society. We strongly believe that the access to both education and medical treatment can break the circle of poverty in a community. Inspired by Prof. Tanner the guests had vivid discussions about global challenges and possible solutions.

After the main course, the undisputed highlight of the night starts as Dania Wangechi, an AiduAlumni from Kenya, explains how the Aiducation Scholarship she received six years ago has changed her life. Diana was born in Nyeri, in central Kenya as the only child of a single mother. Even though, Dianas mother was very hardworking, she struggled to pay her school fees. Consequently, Diana was sent home from school multiple times. But that did not stop Diana! She decided to teach herself and only went to school for exams. It proves the great potential of Diana that despite not attending school regularly she finished primary school amongst the top 1% in all of Kenya.

Diana Wangechi sharing her story

Her great results allowed Diana to go to a national boarding Highschool, but Highschool in Kenya is expensive. The annual school fees amount to CHF 800 which was a big burden for Diana and her mom. One can only imagine the struggle a mother goes through being proud to have a brilliant daughter, but not knowing how to pay for the education she deserves. “It was like the elephant in the room, we never spoke about it, but I was fearing the day the bursary would come into my class and send me home because we did not manage to pay the fees”. Diana still remembers the day she got a call from Aiducation International announcing that she received a scholarship. “My mom was screaming from happiness, I didn’t even know what to say. All I knew was that the struggle for school fees and the fear of being sent home from school is finally over.” Today Diana is in University, for which she got a government scholarship due to her great performance in Highschool. In the future Diana wants to use her studies in political sciences to change the education system in Kenya, so that no child will be sent home from school again because of school fees. With this inspiring statement Diana finished her speech. Diana Wangechi is definitely a name to remember, we are sure to hear a lot more from this exceptional hardworking and brilliant young woman.

Thank you Diana, for sharing your story and showing our guests how an Aiducation scholarship turns a life by 180°.

With this the 5th Impact Dinner ended, we are looking forward to seeing you next year!



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