Aiducation International: Entrepreneurial Engagement with Social Impact

What do a mechanical engineering company, an advertising agency and a consulting firm have in common? They all support talented Kenyan engineers, lawyers and Filipino journalists. Companies such as Ase Technik, Werbekontor and Synpulse work together with Aiducation International, which is the perfect partner organization for social engagement. Aiducation International supports talented students with performance-based scholarships in Kenya and the Philippines.  


These companies attach great importance to social engagement. That's why they all were looking for a trustworthy partner organization whose objectives they can identify with.  At Aiducation International, which makes an effective and sustainable difference by supporting talented students in Kenya and the Philippines, these companies found what they were looking for. "I appreciate Aiducation's transparency and their focus on performance, as well as the opportunity to support a prospective engineer and interact with other partner organizations," explained Michel Kleisli, the CEO of AseTechnik. Thanks to the scholarship from AseTechnik, the future engineer Benson is now attending grammar school and has an ambitious goal of revolutionizing Kenya's transport system.


A meaningful Christmas gift 


One out of 1,500 Aiducation scholarship recipients is Lydia, who dreams of becoming an advocate for the rights of Persons with Disabilities (PwD). In order to achieve this goal, Werbekontor supports her with the 4-year secondary school scholarship. "Instead of investing in empty calories during Christmas, we decided to invest in the future of a young person," says Tom Schaich, Partner & Senior Consultant. Werbekontor plans to continue this meaningful Christmas tradition in the coming year. And thanks to all his customers for supporting young people through education.



Running for the good cause


The goal of Synpulse Management Consulting is to empower employees with social impact. In order to help young talents in Kenya and the Philippines overcome local obstacles through education, Synpulse employees went the extra mile. According to Dr Christoph Nützenadel, the CEO: „For Aiducation, our employees are ready to overcome the physical obstacles “. In partnership with Aiducation, Synpulse offers its employees a variety of team activities.  




Aforementioned companies measure success not only by numbers but also by the impact they create through their responsible actions. The aim of their social engagement is to maximize the value of their support. As a result of the partnership with Aiducation International, which stands out among other organizations due to its focus on education and a unique impact concept, they make significant contributions. Thanks to the support of these organisations, future leadership have an opportunity to develop their full potential. Aiducation is committed to diversity and offers a range of opportunities to get involved. All of which aims to change the lives of young talents in Kenya and the Philippines by 180 degrees and to contribute to the sustainable development of whole societies.


Are you interested to make an effective and sustainable difference through your commitment? Then take a look at our KMUFactsheet and get an overview of the diverse, tailor-made opportunities that Aiducation offers you.

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