Kenya update: AiduFellows proudly passed secondary education test

Kenya update: AiduFellows proudly passed secondary education test

At Aiducation we provide merit-based high school scholarships to those young talents who are unable to access high quality high school education. Recently, the results of the 2017 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) were made available, and we could not be prouder of our AiduFellows for all their hard work and dedication. 70% of our AiduFellows passed the admission cut-off point out of the possible 147 2017 classes.  Here, we share the story of David M., the AiduFellow since 2014 who ranked among 83 our of 611'952 participants from the whole Kenya. All participants had to pass 7 exams, including compulsory 3 subjects: Mathematics, English and Swahili.

David M. is an orphan and comes from an unstable financial background, but it did not stop him to dream big and become the role model of this community. Still, as a child he could not stop himself but wonder how to resolve garbage disposal problem in his community. This ongoing urge of addressing important community problems led to his career choice of becoming an engineer. His solution to the garbage disposal problem in Kenya is to create an airplane that will be controlled from the ground. We wish David continued success and congratulate him on all that he has achieved. Equally, importantly we would like to thank our AiduMakers (donors), Hannes and Martina for their generous financial support to David.

Words by David M., Future engineer (Kenya)

Name: David

Age: 18

Location: Kisauni Constituency, Kenya

Which are your favourite subjects and why?

Mathematics because it will account in my career of choice. And science because it has great discoveries and always leave you wanting to learn more. 

What are your hobbies?

Drawing, reading novels and playing soccer

Essay: Please imagine you are celebrating your 60th birthday with your family and friends. What would you answer to your grand-daughter if she asks you the following question: „Grandfather, what have you done in your life? “

I have done a lot of things in my life. Coming from Barsheba a community cradled with dumpsites, my goals were to eradicate the rubbish that engulfed it. First, I attended Free Methodist, a school sponsoring orphan children’s education. My secondary education at Maranda was aided by the remorseful Aiducation International scholarship. Later they also sponsored me education at Egerton University where I did my P.H.D. in aeronautical engineering. I needed to rescue my community from abyss of garbage that was increasing mortality rate of the infants, who were dying of infections caused by the unhygienic surrounding. I designed and created an aircraft commonly known as Sucker. It hovered above dump-site and sucked in the garbage. Don’t worry about [the safety of a pilot because the aircraft is being controlled remotely].  This [invention] recovered the huge tracts of land that was previously covered with garbage and agriculture was resuscitated.

The knowledge was passed to others and eventually to the world. Our world was close to becoming garbage-free! The living standards of the people were raised as they used the land for agriculture. The




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