AiduFellow Profile: Jonathan, Future Forest Ranger (Kenya)

Our scholarships in Kenya are available for children starting as early as secondary school. This is because, public education in Kenya is based on an 8-4-4 system, which means that pupils spend eight years in primary school, four years in secondary school and four years in college or university. While only primary education is funded by the state, many students fail to continue secondary education due to the lack of finances.

That’s why many of our AiduSeekers get scholarships starting from the secondary school. After proving themselves, we try our best to ensure continuing support throughout the college or university.  Hence, it’s possible for a student to receive our support for over 8 years, learning and progressing into young leaders and role models of their communities.  AiduFellows appreciate the opportunities that higher education provides for them.

In October 2018, we are happy to share that 16 years old Jonathan from Mwamba Isyoku Primary school will be able to continue his studies at the secondary school in Kenya thanks to the generous support of our AiduMaker (donor). Jonathan wants to become forest ranger and fight against deforestation in Kenya.

Words by Jonathan

Name: Jonathan Nguli Nduu

Age: 16

Location: Kitui, Kenya

Please imagine you are celebrating your 60th birthday with your family and friends. What would you answer to your grand-daughter if she asks you the following question: „Grandfather, what have you done in your life? “

Dear my grad-daughter in my primary school I manager to walk three kilometres and [despite] this challenge I manager to score 365 marks out of possible 500 [in primary school].

Then I joined Ribe Boys’ high school. My parents did not have enough money because my father had an accident and broke his leg. Furthermore, my sister and brother were also in secondary school. I heard about Aiducation and applied for their scholarship. Fortunately, I have been one of the few selected. They paid [tuition] fees for me for four years and [I] manager to score grade A.

Later I joined Pulani University to pursue my degree in Forestry and become forest ranger. I manager to acquire skills on how to stop forest fires and cutting down of trees.

After graduating I joined an organization which planted a lot of trees [in places] where they never existed before. In our community we planted many trees and benefited much.

I managed to employ the poor families and help them to improve their families and educate their children, the way I was helped. 




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