By the end of 2017, we have realized a total of 41 academies. The first “general” academy took place in December 2009 and was the only one in that year, 2017 was a record-setting year with 12 academies under different themes and with the support of various sponsors. Reason enough to put our Annual Report 2017, which will be published shorty, under the theme “A Year of Action. A Year of Academies” Take a first glimpse into the report and enjoy reading an advance publication summary of our academies in 2017:

Realize Your Potential Academy
When & Where: 17 – 21 April 2017, Watamu, Kenya
Target Group: AiduTalents at the beginning of their scholarship
Sponsor: Lions Club Basel-Wenkenhof
Key topics: Introduction to Aiducation, Building a better Kenya, Academic excellence, Career guidance 
Special about the academy: This is the “mother” of all of our academies, it helps onboard all AiduTalents who have recently received a scholarship and delivers the original idea of the “education to aid” concept.

BDO Financial Literacy Academy
When & Where: 3 – 7 April 2017, Watamu, Kenya
Target Group: AiduTalents at all stages of their scholarship
Sponsor: BDO AG, Zurich
Key topics: The Art of Budgeting, Profit & Loss, Budgeting & Planning, Case studies
Special about this academy: This Academy takes place every two years together with managers from BDO Kenya and BDO Switzerland.

What is Next Academy
When & Where: 22 – 23 April 2017, Watamu, Kenya
Target Group: AiduTalents at their end of their scholarship
Sponsor: FKM Management Consultants
Key topics: Job Search, job interviews, teambuilding, AiduLink and AiduTalent
Special about this academy: This short 2-days academy brings together AiduTalents who have recently graduated from high school to refresh contacts, exchange ideas, and plan the next steps in their professional development.

Four Swiss Re Start-up academies
When & Where: April, November and December in Watamu or Nairobi (Kenya) and in Manila (Philippines)
Target Group: AiduTalents interested in entrepreneurship
Sponsor: Swiss Re
Key Topics: Entepreneurship and Start-up Spirit
Special about this academy: Young, eager, and entrepreneurial AiduTalents, who received high school scholarships from Aiducation team up to turn their business ideas into start-up ventures ready to take off. Each team receives tailored support from an exceptional mixture of speakers and mentors comprised of Kenyan entrepreneurs and international Swiss Re staff.

Swiss Re Corporate Career Academy
When & Where: 27 Nov – 1 Dec 2017, Nairobi (Kenya)
Target Group: AiduTalents about to enter the job market
Key topics: Career Path, CV Writing, Interview Skills, Corporate Behaviour and Ethics
Sponsor: Swiss Re
Special about the academy: Entepreneurial AiduTalents who are about to enter the job market get a chance to analyse their own personality as well as the job market and receive one week of training before they meet Kenya’s top employers at a career fair.

Entrepreneurship Academy
When & Where: 4 – 8 Dec 2017, Nairobi (Kenya)
Target Group: AiduTalents with their own business who have successfully completed a Start-Up Academy and have received funding from the start-up fund.
Sponsor: Swiss Re
Key topics: Financial Management, effective marketing & sales strategy, business strategy, managing your workforce
Special about the academy: This annual academy targets only Entrepreneurs among our pool of AiduTalents who have received funding from Aiducation’s Start-Up Fund. During the week, entrepreneurs exchange their experiences, refresh and deepen some of the key entrepreneurship concepts from the Start-Up Academy, and deep-dive into the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and strategies of their own business.

Synpulse Project Management Academy
When & Where: 28 May – 3 June 2017, Manila (Philippines)
Target Group: AiduTalents
Key topics: Presentation Skills, Internet Research, MS Office for Project Managers, Analysis and Planning, Decision Making
Sponsor: Synpulse 
Special about the academy: This Academy takes place every two years together with Synpulse and so far is only in the Philippines.

Swiss Study Foundation Academy
When & Where: 3 – 17 July, 2017, Nairobi (Kenya)
Target Group: Swiss and Kenyan scholars
Sponsor: Swiss Study Foundation 
Key topics: “Tackling Present Challenges in Energy and Mobility – The case of Kenya and Switzerland” 
Special about this academy: Joint academy between the Swiss Study Foundation (15 Swiss students) and Aiducation International (30 Kenyan students).

1st Soft Skills/Leadership Academy, EY Switzerland
When & Where: 24 – 28 July 2017, Nairobi (Kenya)
Target Group: Kenyan scholars at all stages of their scholarship
Sponsor: EY Switzerland
Key topics: Public Speaking, Business Ethics, People Management, Project, Strategic, critical and out-of-the-box thinking, teamwork Self Branding & Social Media, Client Management, Effective Communication 
Special about the academy: This was the first academy together with EY Switzerland and EY Kenya.

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