The Aiducation Communications team has been hard at work to bring you our Annual Report 2017. AiduFriends, AiduPartneres and AiduMakers will receive a digital copy shortly. Have a look into the report and enjoy reading an advance publication of our highlights 2017.

171 scholarships were donated in 2017. Since Aiducation’s foundation in 2007, 
a total of 1422 scholarships had been donated through the end of 2017.

The Liechtenstein-based Tarom foundation, which has continuously supported us since 2010, donated another 20’000 CHF in 2017. The funds will be invested into Economy Weeks in the Philippines and a position in the Pathways office.

More than 200 guests enjoyed the two Impact Dinners in Basel and Zürich.During these two events, funding for around 25 scholarship was secured.

Pathways Philippines organized multiple important events with several hundred participants. Those events included the start of a four-week long summer training program (called “ANI”) for new AiduFellows, preparatory meetings for the 2018 training programs (tutor trainings), a World Café in which 192 participants exchanged on the current political climate of the Philippines, and general assemblies for two Pathways parent groups.

12 Mentorship academies were successfully held in 2017 – that is a new record for Aiducation International – among them were several significant “first’s” and one amazing “second”:

  • The first Swiss Study Foundation Academy was held in Nairobi: 14 high-potential university students from the Swiss Study Foundation and 29 AiduAlumni met for a ten-day academy on Urban Energy & Mobility.
  • The EY Leadership Academy took place in Nairobi – for the first time, “leadership” was the major topic of an academy.
  • In December, for the very first time, we conducted a “*Swiss Re Entrepreneurship Academy*” for all of our 18 start-ups in our Start-up Fund. The academy provides a platform to exchange experiences and best-practices, to deepen knowledge on key concepts in entrepreneurship, and to focus on strategies for one’s start-up.
  • Three academies in a row: For the first time, Aiducation International Kenya successfully organized three academies in a row: the Swiss Re Start-Up Academy, the Swiss Re Corporate Career Academy, and the Swiss Re Entrepreneurship Academy from 20 Nov – 9 December.
  • At the second Swiss Re Corporate Career Academy, 13 industry partners in Kenya met 50 of our talents and conducted real internship interviews.

A new Alumni Network leadership team consisting of Adam Sikhundani (CEO), Mary Mwashigadi (Vice-CEO) and about 20 “governors” who help link batches of AiduAlumni to the network was sworn in at an amazing ceremony in Kenya. It was humbling to see how our AiduTalents have turned from poor high school students into achieving youth leaders.

Searching for a new Talent Raising site: From originally 120 potential partner organizations and a long list of 25, we selected six potential partners as short-listed organization for expansion into our third Talent Market.


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