Written by Cynthia Brauchli, Aiducator Switzerland.

For my Diploma Thesis at the University HFT Lucerne, I had the chance to invite some AiduMakers to an online survey concerning a potential Donor’s Trip. The goal of the survey, conducted last year in July, was to evaluate the need for a Donor’s Trip to visit both students or an Aiducation project in either Kenya or the Philippines. Despite a response rate of only 10% (43 responses out of 432 contacted AiduMakers), the majority of those who did respond would be interested in such a Donor’s Trip. Here are the detailed results:

The majority of the respondents are currently supporting a student in Kenya (79.1%). Most others support a student in either the Philippines or both countries (9.3% each).

Most survey respondents (62.8% of whom are from 30-50 years old and 88.4% of whom live in Switzerland) would be interested in a Donor’s Trip. However, it depends on the program selected and of course, the price involved. Of the respondents, only 18.6% would not be interested in a trip at all, mainly for financial, temporal, or personal reasons. The most a Donor would prefer to pay would be CHF 3000 (48.6% of the respondents).

The survey showed that most of the respondents would prefer the trip to take between one week and ten days, with 54.3% preferring a one week trip. There was no preference regarding the timing of the trip, the type of lodging provided or the mode of transportation. However, most would appreciate a direct (34.4%) or one-stop only flight (31.4%), and an accommodation ranked between 3 and 4 stars.

Several main activities were preferred among the respondents. These included meeting with the students, visiting a school, meeting the local people, and attending a lecture, potentially about economics, the environment, and the politics of the country. In addition, people also would like to taste the local cuisine and do some sightseeing. The least favored activity would be a museum visit.

For all involved, from the supporters to the organization itself, it would be an interesting project, and the implementation of this will be reviewed soon by Aiducation. 
I am very thankful for all the support I received from Aiducation, for the survey participants, and their readiness to provide information and input. Thank you!

If you are interested in learning more about a Donor’s Trip or if you want to support this idea, please contact Florian Kapitza at

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