The Aiducation Communications team has been hard at work to bring you our Annual Report 2017. AiduFriends, AiduPartneres and AiduMakers will receive a digital copy shorty. Take a first glimpse into the report and enjoy reading an advance publication of our highlights 2016.

  • Filipino medical student and AiduAlumna Marie Gene and AiduAlumnus Sora from Kenya visited Switzerland for two weeks and performed an internship at the Gesundheitszentrum Fricktal. Sora also participated in the Career Fair for African Talent in Fribourg.

  • AiduAlumna Byrna and Lynda started a one-year internship in various departments of Swiss Re in London.

  • Together we awarded 224 scholarships in 2016. Thanks again to everyone who made this possible!

  • Outstanding KCSE results by our AiduFellows: We are extremely happy that a dazzling 93% of our 123 AiduFellows attained the minimum university entry qualification of C+ and above. Even more, it was a record year of “A’s” of our AiduFellows.

  • We held nine successful academies in Kenya and the Philippines together with our partners Lions Club Basel Wenkenhof, Swiss Re and Swiss Re Foundation, Symphasis, FKM Management Consultants, Gemeinde Riehen, Gesundheitszentrum Fricktal and Tarom Foundation (Economy Weeks in the Philippines).

  • By the end of 2016, the Start-up Fund had invested into eleven start-ups since its inception in late 2014. Some of them are thriving, others are scratching, some have closed down already. The highlight was the spice producer Taste Afrique/ Chibundiro which received significant media attention when they won the Runner-up award in a Panafrican start-up competition.

  • The first Swiss Re Corporate Career Academy with ten companies presenting and offering internships took place in December in Nairobi. It proved to be a fantastic concept that will also be implemented in the future.

  • Our homepage is now also available in French:

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