Written by Bryna Teli and Kerstin Hockmann. Edited by Valerie Schoepfer.

AiduAlumni Bryna and Lynda, who are currently doing an internship at Swiss Re in London, visited the Aiducation team in Switzerland last month for an intercultural and social exchange. The highlight of the four-day stay was the General Assembly and Get Together at the HUB in Zurich on 24 June, where the two entrepreneurial ladies talked about their paths of lives with and beyond Aiducation. We aked Bryna to share her experiences of her stay in Switzerland with us.

Summer in Switzerland is good. Meaning its the best! Amazing temperatures (we could all use 30 degrees after a cold winter, couldn’t we?), a swim in Lake Zurich, a cruise in the clear waters; what could be better?

Bryna (left) and Lynda (right) full of energy and excitement for the experiences awaiting them in Switzerland.

But it wasn’t just all play. Lynda and I were visiting the Aiducation office in Switzerland for the Aiducation International general assembly. We had an opportunity to interact with both Aidumakers and Aiducators. Which, if you ask me, is a very important part of the journey. Its not only humbling, but exciting to meet some of the people who made our education a success, and influenced the path our lives take.

We were greeted by Florian on Thursday at our arrival in Zurich. Its amazing to see some of the young persons who have committed to make the education of young students in Kenya and Philippines a success. Later in the day we met former Aiducator Amelia Meier, who guided us through the day’s program and treated us to an amazing burger.

Friday was full of interesting and key discussions, especially the one-on-one encounters with the Aidumakers, who helped us understand what Aiducation International means from their perspective. 
Lunch with McKinsey was eye opening. Not only from the perspective of what the foundation itself does to make the world a better place, but also through the corporate lens. We genuinely appreciate the partnerships Aiducation has and the role those partnerships play in making education a success to bright and needy students around the world.

And then it was Saturday- the big day. It started with the general meeting. It’s encouraging to see how open and honest that session was- a replication of the code of conduct every Aidufellow receives on joining the Aiducation family. Sharing our own stories during the following “Get-together” was humbling. Helping people understand the impact they have in our lives- from losing hope of every going to school, to finally being hopeful of the future and what we could achieve. Its life changing. And of course, we enjoyed the food.

Bryna and Lynda at the General Assembly together with moderator Amelia.

The entire event was an amazing experience and we can’t express how much it means to be part of this amazing fellowship of educators. You too can become a member by clicking here. Or to simply donate and make an immediate change in someone’s life, please visit our homepage. And thank you, thank you for making our education not only easier, but possible.


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