«As a boy I was sleeping with my back on the ground. But I decided that this, “my background”, would not stop me from believing in Kenya and in our ability to grow and develop as a community and country.» With these wordsObrein, a 25 year old AiduAlumni from Kenya, inspired the audience of 77 guests at the Impact Dinner on 17th October 2017 at the beautiful, historic location of the Restaurant Schützenhaus in Basel. by cb and fk

Obrein Telly’s speech was one of several highlights of the Aiducation Impact Dinner 2017 in Basel. But let’s start chronologically: The guests of the Impact Dinner where welcomed by beautiful guitar music produced by the young Basel musician Simon Vander Plaetse who was one of many people that donated their time and talent for the evening. Other volunteers of the impact dinner included our AiduAmbassadors Victoria Pao, John Atkin, Markus Rieffel, and Peter Jager as well as Marcelle Santana and Peter Lorenz (the main organizers of the event) and our long-term Aiducator Amelia Meier who acted as the host and moderator of the night. After a brief introduction on Aiducation and its goals, Amelia produced three strange objects: a piece of cheese, a donor’s scholarship certificate, and a crystal ball and asked three of the co-founders of Aiducation to share some background stories from the very early days of Aiducation and also to look a bit ahead on what the future of Aiducation might bring.

After that, the Impact Dinner guests listened to Obrein Telly, one of Aiducation’s first AiduFellows and founding president of the AiduAlumni network. Obrein not only gave us insights into his past and how the scholarship impacted his youth but also what his future plans are.

But Obrein wasn’t the only positively affected person who told us about his experiences with Aiducation. Marcel Hungerbühler from SwissAir Staff Foundation for Children in Need for example talked about the foundation’s history and described the long-standing partnership with Aiducation that has so far lasted over 8 years.

And Mario Vieli, Norell Narum, and Stefan Rüst from Ernst&Young brought our activities in Kenya a bit closer as they shared their experiences from the one week long “EY Leadership Academy” in Nairobi in July 2017.

But not only those interesting and motivating presentations and speeches, the live music and the delicious dinner made this evening fun an successful. This evening also “lived” from its guests: successful people from all walks of life that interacted and learnt from each other and were united by their passion for Aiducation and people development.

Below, meet some of the Impact Dinner Guests share their impressions:


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